Popsockets Popmount 2 Review – The Only Mount for Popgrip Users

Need another screen for your office or on a road trip? The Pop socket PopMount 2 desk and car have you protected with its secure and versatile hold on your cell phone Pop Grip.

The Popsockets Popmount 2 is a phone mount for the car and solves any grip issue. The fact is that you cannot use a car mount without the Grip taken off. The PopMount ensures that PopGrip is a crucial part of the setup and makes it indispensable or unusable depending on how one uses it.

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Pop Sockets Pop Mount 2 – Price and availability

The PopMount 2 is available on PopSockets and many other electronics retailers. A popsocket review will reveal its availability in black only from PopSockets, whereas on Amazon, one can get in white or pink only and no black colour. It is available for $ 30 on PopSockets, whereas on Amazon is available at $ 15 after a discount for other colors.

PopSockets PopMount 2 – Design & features

The design of PopMount 2 comes as a huge adhesive ring. It is large and sticky. This adhesive cup is the stickiest one can come across, which is why PopSocket says that it will stick anything to it.

It has a comprehensive feature, and the massive base is dotted around with areas meant for cables that can be clipped, ensuring that it does not fly around in the cabin during movement. The arm is made of plastic ring-shaped that is nice looking apart from having the utility holders that others in the market also have. The mount can rotate so that it can give the best angle.

PopSockets PopMount 2 – Setup

It is easy to set up the PopMount 2. One needs to clean the surface where it is to be placed and attached. By applying a little force, the adhesive sticks to the surface. This is all that is required to set up the PopMount. One just needs to slide the device into the holder PopGrip mount and one on its way. The cable and the integrated cable holder help charge the phone. They are not fanciful but do their job effectively.

PopSockets PopMount 2 – Performance

The adhesive ring is more than enough to hold the holder in its place. The entire unit is rigid, so there is little movement when on the road. The popsockets popmount 2 is more stable than many other phone mounts in the market.

With the option of moving the mount side to side, one can ensure that one is always looking at the phone face only. The old-fashioned way of rotating by picking up the phone, turning it around, and then taking it out makes the whole process simple.

The popsockets popmount 2 is like any other car phone holder that does its work effectively and simply. This is what one wants the most; no frills and job-oriented.  However, it does not charge the phone wirelessly because the PopGrip is designed in that way only. On the other hand, the PopGrip ensures that the PopSocket PopMount 2 remains compelling.   Anyone who uses a PopGrip should, without a doubt, take the PopMount 2 for a drive.

Popsockets Popmount 2: Specs

  • Adhesive and Combined locking lever ensures suction on the surface of cars, desktops, windows, etc.
  • Accommodates all types of PopGrips
  • Adaptor provided for an extra textured surface
  • Unique design that allows rotating. The phone can be viewed from several angles in landscape and portrait mode.
  • Price: $30
  • Wireless Charging: No
  • Colour: Black on PopSockets, White and Pink on Amazon
  • Fixing Style: Adhesive ring

Pop Sockets Popmount 2 review – Verdict

Users with large smartphones find the PopSockets PopGrip very popular, and taking them just to fit into a car holder is a big no for them. Here, PopSocket PopMounts comes to the rescue and embraces PopGrip like no other holders.


  • The only phone holder of its kind that is designed for PopGrip specifically.
  • No need to remove the PopGrip to use the phone while moving in the car.
  • Compatible with any type of PopGrip in the market currently.


  • It is not helpful if one does not use a PopGrip.
  • It may not be liked by all car users.

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