Jabra Elite Active 7- The Affordable Workout Buds

Jabra has launched alongside the Elite 7 Pro, its latest Elite 7 Active earbuds sharing most features. The key differences between the elite 7 Active and Elite 7 Pro are the color options, rubberized bud coating, absence of bone conduction sensor, and price difference.

The common features between Jabra elite active 7 and the Elite 7 Pro are its battery life, audio, and ANC qualities.  The elite 7 active has a robust 30-hour battery life consisting of 8 in the bud and 22 with engaged ANC. The Jabra charging case here can be wirelessly charged with Qi compatible devices.

The ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and audio quality are similar for 7 Active and 7 Pro, which is decent but not exceptional. The sound profile lacks space sense and appears scooped, but its treble and bass can be improved with the app’s EQ.

The app offers a voice assistant, button controls, audio cust, andon and is intuitive. The buttons in Elite 7 Active are soft click similar to Pro and have the perfect balance between the hard click buttons and capacitive touch. Like the Jabra elite 75t pairing mode, the active earbuds can also be connected to the mobile device using Bluetooth.

The Elite 7 Pro call quality, enhanced by bone conduction technology, is not provided in Elite 7 Active. Though the call quality is still decent, it does not have the wind cancellation features and is not as good as the Pro.


  • Excellent customization and controls
  • Comfortable, secure, and lightweight
  • IP57 water and dust resistance

The Elite 7 Active has earbuds with a rubberized coating inside the bud, which is an advantage over its Pro counterpart.

It is difficult to see any difference casually between the active and Pro when they are worn- however, the Active gives the impression of being stickier, secure in case of sweat and head movements. The coating does away with the need for wings that many other earbuds are sporting since the buds snuggle and fit in the ear comfortably.

The fit is due to the earbud’s lightweight, compact size and the interior surface being sculpted nicely. According to Jabra, it scanned nearly 62000 years to come up and design the curved shape of the interior of earbuds which is much difficult to design than the over the headsets by Jabra.

The Active comes in Black and Navy tones which is understated. The mint option, however, gives striking light green-blue hue. The Elite 7 Pro, however, has different earbud colors.


The elite 7 Active is well built and waterproof like the Pro, leaving little doubt about its ruggedness. The charging case is also similar in shape and design, but the Elite Pro case does not waterproof like the bud.

The buttons offer a light touch to activate and not pressure the ear canal, and they are designed not accidentally to press as capacitive touch controls.

The Sound+ App is the perfect companion from Habra that offers voice assistant and excellent button controls. It also provides one to mute media when transparency mode is used. The ANC is good, though not great and the EQ adjustment helps balance the high bass and treble.

Elite 7 Active Price and release date

The Active was released along with the Elite 7 Pro in October 2021, with the two new models taking over its predecessor, Elite 85t. The Elite 7 Active is priced at $ 179 and comes in their colors- Black, Navy, and Mint. The Elite 7 Pro is available at a slightly more costly $ 199

The earbuds are much cheaper than the Jabra wireless headphone, which are used mainly in call centers and offers a higher degree of concentration and collaboration.

The Verdict


  • Secure and compact
  • IP57 rating for dust and water-resistant
  • Excellent features with value for money


  • ANC is average
  • An audio profile is scooped and lacks space sense
  • Color options of black and navy have contiguous tones.

The Elite 7 Active offers nearly the same features and performance at a lower price. If one is looking for more security when sweating it out, buying the Active is preferable. If you are looking for better call quality, then it is Elite 7 Pro as it has bone conduction sensors which the Active does not have. Both the earbuds have excellent value for money features such as IP57, amazing battery life, and wireless charging, making the price look reasonable.

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