A Small Sized Power Rocket: Apple iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 mini is perfect for users who desire a feature-compact phone with one hand use. The phone’s small size is packed with features, but everyone may be unhappy with the iPhone 12 mini battery life. Let’s check out the compact device, and who will love this power-packed small rocket.

The lightest 5G phone in the market

Apple claims that the iPhone mini12 is the lightest smartphone with 5G in the world. And this is one claim which checks out from all aspects. Weighing only 133grams, Apple iPhone 12 Mini is 30 grams lighter than Apple iPhone 12. In terms of weight, it is also lighter than Google Pixel 4, and it is surprising as Google Pixel 4A uses plastic and a metal frame. In contrast, Apple iPhone 12 has a body made of a metal frame built with glass. The compact screen size of a 5.4-inch screen gives Apple iPhone mini the edge.

If one is looking for a compact smartphone that fits your palm without aching your palms and fingers, then Apple iPhone mini 12 is your mini rocket in your pocket.

Build, quality, and design of Apple iPhone Mini 12 

The Apple iPhone 12 series design is similar to its previous flat-edged design, which we see in older Apple iPhones. The flat-edged design lends a sleek and sturdy build to Apple iPhone 12 Mini. The smartphone’s final look proves that Apple never disappoints regarding the built and quality.

Apple iPhone 12 mini is a convenient device as one can easily use it single-handedly. Apple iPhone Mini 12 is the smallest iPhone that one can find. The smartphone’s size is even smaller than the Apple iPhone SE, with a screen size of 5.4 inches. It takes some time to adjust to the screen size if they use a 6.5 inch. There are two cameras similar to the Apple iPhone 12 at the phone’s back. But, there is not much difference in the performance between iPhone 12 and iPhone mini.

How does the phone perform?

Apple iPhone mini 12 uses the A14 chipset as its siblings of the same series. Hence, one can expect nothing the best performance with the fastest chipset on the market. The minuscule display of the iPhone Mini 12 makes it even better when performing. Whether you are playing any casual game, editing a video, or binging on a TV series, the performance is marvelous.

How long does iPhone 12 Mini battery last?

With a battery life of 13 to 15 hours, one is good enough to sail through the day without having to charge their cell phone in between. Because of the small size of the Apple iPhone, 12 Mini battery of 2227mAh battery is enough to give a full day usage for light to moderate users. It may be a disappointment for heavy users who consume many media content. iPhone 12 Mini comes along with a 20W USB fast charging. Even though heavy users cannot expect a good battery life, the fast charging feature charges in minutes.

The display of the Apple iPhone Mini 12 

The screen size of the iPhone 12 Mini is 5.4 inches, and it features an XDR OLED display which is no doubt very small but excellent for users using one hand. Because of the small size, one can also spot a difference in the sharpness of the picture quality when compared to the other iPhone 12 of the series. The display brings out sharp, crisp, and bright colors the screen, which is a delightful experience for users who consume a lot of media content.

Is the price worth buying Apple iPhone 12? 

The Apple iPhone 12 can cost anything between $800-$900 which is quite expensive. But if you prefer iOS and want a compact high performing device in your palm, then Apple iPhone 12 Mini is perfect. The battery life of iPhone 12 mini can be a cause of concern for heavy users, but if you compromise with the same, the Apple iPhone 12 gets a thumb up.

The Apple iPhone 12 mini is the best smartphone for one who loves a smaller crisp display along with a lightweight and feather-like feel on their palms.

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