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What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device that allows an individual to inhale substances without combusting them. It is an electronic device that converts e-liquid into a gas or steam without burning it. A vaporizer is a device that heats a liquid to produce steam that is inhaled through the mouthpiece. It is used as an alternative to smoking tobacco or marijuana. This is usually done by heating the material until it vaporizes – turning it into an inhalable gas. The gas is often condensed, requiring the user to breathe in the vapors. The majority of modern vaporizers do not release combustion particles or tar due to avoiding the burning process altogether, instead of using atomizing heating elements to generate temperatures hot enough to produce vapor but not hot enough for combustion.

A vaporizer can be used for therapeutic purposes, such as smoking marijuana or tobacco cessation; however, it can also be used for enjoyment purposes or other recreational drugs. Vaporizers are typically battery-powered and may be sold with different accessories like mouthpieces, screens, and cooling units. Vaporizers are less harmful than cigarettes and cigar, and they don’t release carbon monoxide, tar, and other chemicals which are found in tobacco cigarettes. Vaporizers can be used with dried herbs and oils. Considering these helpful factors of vaporizers, Cloudious9 has introduced a water filtering vaporizer, known as Hydrology 9.

Specifications and features of Hydrology 9 vaporizer

The new Hydrology 9 vaporizer is an integrated vaporizer with a water filter for flower enthusiasts and concentrates connoisseurs. The Hydrology9 vaporizer was developed with uncompromising perseverance with distinct vaporization attributes of each material. It is also featuring a hybrid convection heating chamber and switchable concentrate atomizer. Currently, it is one of the most integrated water vaporizers available in the market with a wide range of new and innovative features. Some of the attractive components of this product are rechargeable and replaceable battery, full access cleaning with removable Air Path, magnetic USB charging port double as Dab Tool Holder, and adjustable temperature dial with 6 unique settings.

There are two models available for Hydrology 9 Vaporizer, such as Concentrate Model and Flower Model. Key components of Concentrate Model are 100% Glass Quartz Bucket (1) + 100% Ceramic Bucket (1); innovative Titanium Plate Heating Technology along with full heat surface area coverage and ultra-efficient heat generation for a torch-like experience and Hidden Quartz Carb Cap. On the other hand, key components of the Flower Model are Patent Pending Dual Layer Convection, Conduction Hybrid Ceramic Heating Chamber, and premium quality convection vapors.

Specification of Hydrology 9 vaporizer

Body materials –Borosilicate Glass mouthpiece. Space grade anodized aluminum alloy body.

Battery – 1900mAh lithium polymer battery (preferable cell phone grade)

Chamber – Concentrate Model: Surface with complete Quartz Heating

Flower Model: Ceramic Heating Chamber

Hydrology 9 Dimension Measures – 45 mm x 175 mm

Charging time – 60 Mins

Usage – 60-120 times per charge [Depends on how much you are using]

Key features of Hydrology 9 vaporizer

Switchable Atomizer is an advanced sensor that identifies either the flower or concentrates heating chamber and inevitably adjusts the temperature.

Flower Heating Chamber comprises the patent-pending Dual Layer heating technology that associates the convection heating vapor consistency with the space and energy competence of conduction heating.

Concentrate Atomizer – It features a 100% glass quartz bucket and innovative thermal plate heating technology. It is designed explicitly for ultra-efficient heat generation and proper surface area coverage deprived of any cold spots, reinventing an updated torch-like experience.

Adjustable 6 Temperature Dial ranges from 324f – 468f for the flower heating chamber and from 450f – 750f for the concentrate atomizer.

Hydrology 9 vaporizer review

Hydrology 9 vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers available in the market. You will be able to purchase the product from the official website of Cloudious9. The price of the product is $300.00. Cloudious9 Hydrology 9 vaporizer is not available on e-commerce sites like Amazon. But you will easily purchase it from the manufacturer’s official website. The design and features of this product are of premium quality. It is sleek in appearance and specially designed with uncompromising perseverance with unique vaporization attributes of each material. After the purchase, you will get four products in the package: Hydrology 9 vaporizer, magnetic charging kit, heating chamber, and tool kit [both for concentrate or flower]. Considering the features and packaging of the product, investing in this vaporizer would be a good choice.

Cloudious9 Hydrology 9 vaporizer would be a perfect choice for individuals who want to quit smoking tobacco. It is less harmful than cigarettes and cigars, and they don’t release carbon monoxide, tar, and other chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. For individuals who find it hard to quit smoking, this product is the one for them. It is visually aesthetic and easy to use. It has features like a magnetic cover, liquid filtration, appropriate temperature control, and even heat distribution. Either to attract attention or have the feeling of smoking, whatever you want to get, you can get from Cloudious9 Hydrology 9 vaporizer.


Vaping is indeed better than smoking marijuana and cigarette. But here are some precautions and awareness regarding the harmful effects of vaping. If you think vaping is entirely harmless and way better than cigarette smoking, so you can do it every day, and as much as you want, then it is wrong. Vaping has a wide range of severe side effects which can kill you, specifically for individuals with a breathing problem. It can cause rapid onset of coughing, severe breathing difficulties, weight loss [not a solution for over-weight], nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and many others. So kindly think before utilizing a vaporizer for vaping.

Here is a link that will show you real-time cases caused by vaping –


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