Dell Latitude 7320 review


The Dell Latitude 7320 offers excellent portability and is perfect for the many kinds of jobs in our offices and homes. The laptop comes with long battery life, excellent keyboards, light in weight, and different types of connection makes the Dell Latitude 7320 reviews only see its positive aspects.

The Dell Latitude 7320 has a vPro Intel processor with a screen with outstanding characteristics and a matt finish. It has a memory slot, HDMI port, and Intel’s vPro platform remote access.


The laptop is plain looking but has good finishing with a small footprint. The Dell Latitude 7320 weight is only 1.2 kilogram which is relatively light. It is not glossy, nor does one feel it is expensive, such as Dell XPS 13. One might consider the XPS a non-business alternative to the Dell Latitude 7320. The plain design with the carbon fiber effect and contours embossed of the raised screen might prompt advertisers to avoid certain buses and billboards.

The laptop is built to balance protection and functionality wherever one takes it. The Dell Latitude 7320 case comes as a commercials grade rugged and eco-friendly material that offers adequate protection.


For a laptop that has a small footprint, the performance is excellent. It has Intel Xe graphics and takes the workload quietly. It uses the Core i7 CPU, the top-end Intel processer.

Battery life  

The laptop has a 63Wh battery, much larger than Dell XPS 13 53wh. Though the Dell website does not specify any claim for extended battery life, test results show decent. A full charge can last upto12 hours, allowing one to do something more challenging than just writing documents or web browsing.

Other Features- Dell Latitude 7320 specs

The Dell Latitude 7320 charging is done through a USB-C port and comes with a charger of 65W. This allows one to use any type of PSB-PD charger that is not model-specific.

The connections on the other side of the laptop include a USB-A3.3, a full-size HDMI2.0, a Thunderbolt4 USB-C, and a micro-SD slot. There is no SIM slot, but one can see where it would fit if the laptop is configured for mobile internet use. There is an option for the smart card also.

The webcam 720p is average and has a privacy slider. It also has an IR cam for the face recognition login program of Windows Hello. They’re also a fingerprint login option next to the delete button through a small pad. This pad also acts as the power button.

The underside of the laptop has stereo speakers. They are not as great as that MacBook and have no bass, but the sound is decent and adequate for a laptop used for office work. The maximum volume is fair, and the mid-range output is sufficient that prevents the sound from sounding thin.

The Dell Latitude 7320   has a soft click character on the pad. It works brilliantly here and much better than Surface Laptop 3


The screen has some fine features such as

  • Matt finish that avoids irritating reflections
  • A 478 nits high brightness
  • Contrast, however, is average for a high-end laptop.

The Dell Latitude display is practical. It has a full HD 13.3-inch IPS LCD screen with a matt finish that allows one to easily use it in bright environments as the reflections get scattered.

The Dell Latitude 7320 is a small and super portable laptop that works impressively for people working on the go. The keyboard has an impressive quality and a battery life that takes one’s tension away for charging in an emergency. The touchpad, however, has room for improvement. The price at $ 2000 plus is a little pricey, but with great year-end discounts available, they are a great buy at these prices.


  • Matte screen with high brightness
  • Silent device functions, suitable for office work
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Long battery life


  • Display contrast on the lower side
  • Better touchpad
  • Price on the higher side

Final takeaway

Overall, the Dell Latitude 7320 is an excellent laptop with an 11th generation Intel core processor. It has an inbuilt Windows 11 OS, 8 GB memory, and a single-point backlit keyboard that makes it run efficiently in any condition. Also, the business-friendly features like Intel vPro and smart card options, super portability, and 12+ hours of single charge battery life make it compensate for the slightly higher price.

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