Best Time Tracking Apps For Freelancers In 2022

Even if you only work for one client, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed as a freelancer. Keeping track of all your tasks and projects becomes easier if you use a freelancer time tracking application. Several different time tracking applications are available for this purpose. Our goal is to ensure that you find the right one for you on this list.

Freelancers often use time tracking apps to increase their productivity, and this is because freelancers have incredibly demanding lives and careers. The best freelancing time tracking apps can help you keep track of your freelance work.

Toggl (Rating-4)


Time tracking app Toggl is one of the most popular and simplest. Most people find it easy to use. With Toggl, you can access a web interface, browser extensions, desktop apps, and mobile apps. If you seek a simple timekeeping app that can be used on multiple platforms and does one thing well, consider Toggl.

You can sign up for a free plan. All paid features are also available for a 30-day free trial. There is a $9 per month start-up fee and an $18 per month premium fee for the Premium Plan.

Harvest (Rating-4)


Harvest was designed for collaborative work in teams. Even as a solo freelancer, you can take advantage of this app. Harvest is your time tracking solution if you’re looking for a simple solution without the fanciest features. Track time, expenses and create time-based reports.

Installing a browser extension is also an option. Mobile phones, Macs, and Windows computers can all use the app. For one person and up to two projects, Harvest is free. A paid subscription plan is available for $12 per month, and teams can purchase paid plans.

Timeular (Rating-4.5)


The Timeular app is a time tracking app and time management and productivity tool. A time monitoring dice of eight sides comes with the device and the app. To start tracking time, flip the tracker over, and you can map activities to each side. A desktop app and mobile app show you every second you spend working.

The Timeular system is fully automated. With Timeular, you only have to flip it, and it will automatically track the time spent on tasks. Time is recorded offline, and easy editing and deletion of time entries are possible. The system tracks billed and unbilled time. Reports produced by Timeular are detailed, colorful, and transparent. The applications are available for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. However, if you’re not satisfied with the tool, you can get your money back within 30 days.

Clickup (Rating-4.5)


ClickUp markets itself as a productivity platform. A good time tracking feature is provided by this all-in-one platform as well. While working remotely with a previous client, we used ClickUp. Once we became familiar with the interface, we could quickly use it. For those who want software that looks professional, tracks time, and has a generous free plan, ClickUp would be a great choice.

Besides 100MB of storage, ClickUp offers unlimited tasks and unlimited users for free. It will be easy to keep track of your tasks’ time. You can also download ClickUp’s chrome extension for free.

Hello Bonsai (Rating-4.5)


Hello, Bonsai is an app that manages freelancers all in one place. To start tracking time, flip the tracker over, and you can map activities to each side. A desktop app and mobile app show you every second you spend working. It is the ideal app for freelancers looking for software to assist them in all facets of their work.

The app is commonly used by freelancers when juggling too many apps. Hello, Bonsai offers many solutions to address your problem, including a timer. Hello, Bonsai’s time tracker has the unique capability of setting an hourly rate for each project. Hello, Bonsai offers 14-day free trials on their pricing plans. Once you upgrade, it is $19 a month. With it, you can track unlimited time and manage complete projects.


ezClocker is a highly rated time tracking app for freelancers and small teams. It’s simple design allows you to record your hours per job, add notes, and send an invoice email to your customers with a touch of a button.

The team version of the app allows employees to download the ezClocker app on their phone and clock in with a touch of a button, view their schedule, and total hours worked. Employers use ezClocker to view timesheets, create schedules, view overtime and export time entries to process payroll


Various time tracking apps are available for freelancers. We recommend that you sign up for 3 of your favorites, try them all out for a week, and then choose the one that suits you the best. All your tasks and projects will be organized with a suitable freelancer time-tracking application. Our goal in writing this article was to help you decide which app is right for you.

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