Best Usb-C Power Delivery Chargers Of 2021

You may wonder why your laptop charges from some USB plugs, but not others, thanks to USB-C Power Delivery. We have put together some great options for you now.

But finding a charger that supports Power Delivery isn’t as straightforward as searching for one. Laptops that can be charged from a 30W adapter are few and far between, and charger outputs range from 10W to 240W – so to find a device that meets your specific laptop model’s requirements, you have to know what it is.


Third-party Power Delivery chargers typically don’t support proprietary fast-charging protocols such as PPS (Programmable Power Supply) or SCP (Super Charge Protocol), required for fast-charging. A device with a USB-C port will charge at 18W regardless of how much power it can deliver.

Nowadays, nearly all of your devices are rechargeable – your phone, tablet, wireless headphones, and laptop are probably your top priorities. It’s unnecessary to have a separate outlet or cable for each device, even if you’re using four or more. With USB-C power delivery, which works with almost any USB-C device, you can charge virtually anything, including new laptops.

Choetech Pd100w Charger (Rating -4.5)


  • Outstanding performance
  • Convenient design
  • Value for money

The problem with the PD chargers that can power a USB-C laptop is that they are super expensive. You have to be extremely careful to choose an adaptor that will provide enough power for your particular device and any laptop you may upgrade to in the future.

A 100W Power Delivery charger from Choetech is future-proof because it supports the maximum 100W Power Delivery output over one port. Even when both USB-C ports are used, they can output 45W each, sufficient for fast-charging phones, tablets, and most laptops. In addition to being competitively priced for a 100W charger, it also supports international voltages, and because GaN technology powers it, it’s a relatively small device. A second Power Delivery charger does not make sense unless you require more USB ports.

Ugreen Gan X 100w Fast Charger (Rating – 4.5)


  • Two USB-C PD ports with 100W each
  • Affordable
  • Four output ports

There is now an UGreen laptop charger available in the UK, a very powerful device. A slightly different design is present in the UK three-pin model, which is necessary since the elongated design is unique to the UK. While the design is taller and more rectangular, folding plugs make them more compact for travel. Other than that, the specifications remain the same.

Three USB ports support 100W output, while the other two support 22.5W. Each 100W USB-C can deliver a maximum of 65W, but that is reduced when you use more than one port. In addition to supporting multiple charging protocols, such as Power Delivery 2.0 and 3.0, Quick Charge 4+, and PPS, it can be used with most devices and chargers that charge via USB.

The USB-C cable is not included with this adaptor, but it is available separately. You’ll need to ensure the power supply can carry up to 100W if you intend to buy one separately or bring your own.

Anker Nano Ii 65w Gan Ii Pps Fast Charger (Rating – 4)


  • Brand of trust
  • Ultra-compact
  • PPS compatible

Our single-port PD charger from Anker, one of the most recognizable names in charging tech, appeals to us for several reasons. Chargers based on GaN technologies are becoming a fraction of the size of models based on silicon, which were once considered small.

This is the smallest PD charger we’ve ever seen. There are 132g in weight and 41.7x36x44mm in dimensions in the 65W Nano II charger. Additionally, they support Power Delivery, Quick Charge, and Anker’s own PowerIQ intelligent charging system, as well as PPS. One downside is the single output, so you can only charge one device at a time, and you need a USB-C device to use it. There are 30W and 45W options available in the UK, but this 65W model is unvailable.

Anker Powerport Iii 65w (Rating -4.5)


  • For international travel, interchangeable plugs are available
  • 3 USB ports

This PowerPort III charger from Anker is particularly interesting because it has three output ports, making it highly versatile. In addition, it comes with adapters for the UK, US and Europe, making it a perfect travel charger. Before purchasing a laptop with a PD port, double-check that the 45W maximum output is suitable for your laptop. The device also does not support the PPS protocol, which some devices require for their proprietary fast-charging standards, unlike some of Anker’s other adapters. The charger does have PowerIQ, Anker’s own intelligent device detection system, which adjusts the output to charge the connected device to the optimal level.


The USB wall charger of today is to vary in its power outputs, charging capabilities, charging speeds to charge multiple devices at once. Hopefully, it has been a helpful review of the best USB power adapters currently available, whether you’re looking for a travel charger or a top-tier high-power power adapter for larger devices.

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