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The 2019 World Happiness Report reveals that individuals worldwide are becoming increasingly mired in unpleasant emotions. And it has entangled us in a web of sadness and desolation.

A common belief is that what we think, feel, and believe affects what we do. Start with yourself if you want to make a difference in your life. One of the most fantastic productivity applications, The Happiness Planner, is meant to help you find the proper balance between planning and journaling.

The happiness planner app’s features

Using the goal planner app, you can learn more about your values, beliefs, strengths, and personality flaws. Setting goals might better understand your emotions, thoughts, and behavior patterns.

In a nutshell, you may use the inspiring planner app to:

  • To maintain a sense of well-being
  • Make sure your actions and goals are aligned with your fundamental beliefs and nature.
  • Acquire a better understanding of your personality.
  • Emotional control is essential.
  • Become aware of your habits and change them if necessary.

The app is divided into four main sections:

The roadmap to happiness

If you want to make goals, you’ll need to answer these questions. Once these goals are met, you’ll be able to say that you’ve fulfilled your potential. To put it simply, the part helps you become more self-aware.

The pages of preparation

There is a screen on the app where you may create personal and professional goals at the beginning of each month. The self-planning software then provides visualizations and positive affirmations to keep you motivated to reach your goals. Maintaining a sense of purpose and motivation is the result of this.

The times 

We hope this area inspires you so that you can have a fantastic week, as its name suggests. If you follow the cycle, you can get a kick out of the months, years, and so on that have already been completed.

These are pages for self-reflection

It’s critical to keep tabs on your progress toward your goals at regular intervals. There are highs and lows to be found in this area. Additionally, it provides you with tips on how to raise your overall score.

There are several ways to use the Happiness Planner app.

To begin, you’ll need to create a happiness map that includes questions about your own life. As a result, you’ll learn more about your lifestyle and behaviors, which you may be doing unintentionally in the first segment.

Many of you may become bogged down in the details of the objectives and timeframes that must be established. If you have a specific goal in mind, you can use the 100-day schedule to help you reach it. In addition, the 100-day planner includes the following:

  • Planning for the week at a glance daily
  • Pages for contemplation
  • Every day, I post uplifting quotes.

This app is an excellent way to keep your business and personal lives in sync all year long.

Features of the happiness planner app

The planning app’s features are organized into distinct areas to find what they need. Here are some of the app’s best features:

Inspirational sayings for the day

Starting the day with inspirational quotations is an excellent approach to keep yourself motivated throughout the day. Even if you had a difficult day before, the inspiring planner app has daily inspirational phrases that can keep you going with positive ideas and energy.

Today, I’m thrilled.

In this section, you can remind yourself of the things you’re looking forward to all day long.

This day’s purpose

There is a reason why we get out of bed each day. There are several reasons why some people want to improve their productivity, while others wish for new employment. The to-do list or calendar app can serve as a daily reminder of the goals you’ve set for yourself in this area.

Exercising and eating

You can use this part to keep track of your diet and lifestyle to find the appropriate balance between your meals and exercise. Meals and exercise are inseparable, after all.


It’s best to list your schedule on the planning tool than jot it down on a notepad or scratchpad. You may jot down everything from Skype calls to webinars to TV episodes in this section of your calendar.

Today’s positives

Despite what you may think, you can’t expect every day to be flawless. There are times when you may find yourself entangled in a situation that makes you sick to your stomach. This means that you can record your positive experiences in the app’s ‘Good Things About Today’ area throughout the day.

I’m thankful for these things

It’s preferable to take a few minutes at the end of the day to reflect on the good things in your life. When you have a grateful heart, you may transform your outlook and improve your day.

Speculations for the future

In the words of Albert Einstein, “It’s a matter of perspective.”

Subscription rates and conditions for the Happiness Planner App

For the first 30 days, the productivity software can be downloaded and used for free. This period will allow users to access all of the app’s features, including those otherwise reserved for paying subscribers. Premium features will be rolled back once the trial period is up, and you can only use the Schedule and To-Do functions.

It costs money to reactivate the premium function. The web app is also included in the premium subscription plan. The following are the task calendar app’s subscription options:

  • A month’s subscription costs only $3.99
  • A year’s worth: $39.99

If you want to cancel your subscription, you must do so at least 24 hours before the next renewal date.

My experience

Anyone who isn’t pleased is a loser. Moreover, if it’s through one of your most trusted companions, like a smartphone, the sense of uncertainty makes it easier to do so. Sometimes, even with your closest friends and family, there are things that you can’t talk about. Software like The Happiness Planner can be beneficial in such a situation.

Using a to-do list calendar app will not only help you stay on track but will also help you better understand yourself and your emotional patterns. Because not all habits are healthy, and everyone needs to do some soul-searching.

Instead of dwelling on the problems of the future, you can focus on the here and now with this inspirational planner software.

Happiness Planner provides all the components to create a joyful and contented existence.

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