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Postcards are a thing of the past; they no longer fascinate people. It’s also possible to make video calls from smartphones or tablets using mobile apps. As a result, elements like postcards have no meaning to us (in fact, they’re practically non-existent).

Even yet, there’s a group of folks out there who aren’t aware of the existence of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even email. A small gesture like a handwritten postcard would mean the world to them.

For those of us who don’t have the time or money to print and mail postcards, there’s an app called Postagram that does just that. That’s a thought-provoking topic.

After discovering an intriguing app, we started to explore its features hoping that our readers would be excited by them.

It’s all about Postagram

A software called Postagram lets you send postcard-style greetings to friends and family in the form of virtual cards. Sending a physical copy of an image from one end of the world to the other is more like this. Moreover, the ability to send a postcard while on the go is a dream come true for many people.

You have the option of sending a photo. If an image appears out of current or poor quality, the photo postcard app follows through.

The picture-postcard app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and it works perfectly on all three platforms.

Postagram is a photo-sharing app.

It’s a piece of cake. You’re ready to send your first postcard after downloading the picture-postcard app and signing in with your credentials. The company will cover the cost of mailing the first postcard.

But hold on, you’ll need a photo to send, and that picture can come from any of your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, or even your gallery, as long as it’s not hideous.

Alternatively, if you’re all dressed up, open the app and take a picture, which will be kept in the postcard maker application. To get the postcard service, you’ll need to alter the image. You may count on their sincere crew to mail your postcard as soon as possible.

The Postagram app has a few notable features:

  • It is a 4×6-inch photo printed at 300dpi resolution on a thick glossy 4×6-inch piece of paper.
  • 3-7 business days for delivery in the United States and Canada, and one to three weeks for the rest of the world.
  • Those who choose can either take their photograph or use the app’s option to do so.
  • Emojis can be included in a customized message.
  • The postcard design is entirely up to the user. For example, the app offers a new year’s card and a design for a Christmas greeting card.

The personalized postcard app is ideal for sending a message and an image for special occasions like anniversaries, farewells, and birthdays. A photo with a personal message from a loved one can go a long way toward making us feel closer to them. In addition, this is the best application for sending postcards out there.

Inquire about the cost of Postagram

Sincerely, the company that owns Postagram ensures that everyone who registers for the photo postcard app gets a free trial of their services. Ultimately, you must demonstrate your worth before people begin to trust you.

App users are given credit lines to send one free postcard after signing up. And if you’d like to send more postcards, you can purchase additional credits.

Orders placed from the United States will cost more than those from other countries. In order, here are the slabs:

  • Sending postcards within the United States typically costs $1. It’s possible to buy a large batch of 294 cards for just $0.85 per card for US shipping. Alternatively
  • Postagram charges $2 for international postcard deliveries.

The user can gain credit differently. Postagram cards have a QR code that the recipient must scan to earn credits for the photo postcard app. Senders gain free credits for their efforts.

Postagram’s shipping costs are significantly cheaper than traditional postcard delivery businesses. Not only that but dumping your postcard doesn’t need scurrying from one pillar to the next!

My experience

We’ve gotten to the end of our examination of the Postagram application. This is a sane and original idea to send postcards via an app to any area of the world, and it’s a great way to connect with friends and family because a picture on a wall can say more than an image on a phone screen.

Although there are some restrictions that some of you may find annoying, you must adhere to a 140-character restriction for the text on the 3×3-inch postcard. In a nutshell, the postcard is a love letter in miniature form.

On the other hand, the postcard creator software promises that the postcard will be delivered to the chosen address, or it will issue a refund. Moreover, if a Postagram is destroyed, they would send a new one for free. An agreement has been struck.

A postcard app that allows you to personalize a photo and share it with friends and family is one of the best we’ve found. In today’s digital age, you might as well try your luck with a postcard.

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