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Allowing your kids access to a smartphone or a tablet is another way of saying how much you care about them. Like any parent, you too want your kids to leverage technology to learn, explore and catch things quickly at a young age. Besides future concerns, it is also crucial to track what your kids do with their mobile devices. Have peace of mind with the Google Family Link, a service from Google that makes it easy for parents to manage and control their child’s devices remotely.

What is Google Family Link?

Google Family Link is a free service built with the idea to give parents control over their kid’s devices to a varying degree. The Google Family Link download allows parents to limit applications installation that their kids navigate from the Google Play Store. That means, you as a parent, are now the sole owner of how you want your little ones to use the smart device. Know what applications your kid is using, how they are using, and for what length of time they are using them. Whether your kid is learning, playing, or enjoying – you get an insight into every activity of your loved ones, even if you are not around with them.

What parental controls does Google Family Link offer?

Creating a Google Family Link online account is much like signing up for any other account in google. There are a few restrictions on the type of content your kids access from their accounts, and it allows parents the liberty to control their kid’s digital experiences in a controlled manner. Advanced options like location tracking, screen time control, safe search only, remote device locking, and many other robust customizations make parenting easy.

Manage applications

The role of a parent is no different from a manager. A good manager knows the difference between right and wrong. At a young age, kids lack maturity, and it’s the parent’s responsibility to look after them, even in your absence. Harness the power of Google Family Link to manage what your kids want to install from the Google Play Store. Approve the applications you feel are appropriate for your kid and block everything you find unfit for them.

Set Screen Time Limits

Google Family Link allows parents to see where their kids spend most of their time using the smart device. Keeping insight on the weekly and monthly reports, you can set screen time limits so that your kids don’t overuse an application. Besides, you can also set a daily limit to a particular application and set a device bedtime as per your preference.

Manage In-app Purchases

Not all the games available in the Google Play Store come free. There are several paid applications your kid might get attracted to and would go forward to make a purchase. Google Family Link allows parents to look at what products or services their kids buy online. Turn on the “Require Approval For” option under the “Purchases and Download Approvals.” Simply put, you are now the decision-maker whether you will allow your kid to purchase the selected product or not.

Know where is Your Child

Tracking your kid is becomes a prime concern, especially if you have a tight schedule. Location tracking is an add-on feature that allows you to manage your kid’s location anytime, anywhere. Whether you are at the office, in the gym, or merely in a meeting, you can keep an eye on your child’s movement using the location tracking option – it’s that simple. You will find the location tracking option turned off by default. Make sure to turn it on by using the location settings, else you cannot track your kid’s location.

Restrict Web Surfing

Kids are curious about anything. Perhaps not everything found on the internet is safe, especially for kids. As a parent, you will undeniably never like your kids to access adult sites or vague content. With Google Family Link, you can allow restrictions for your kids and give them access to only limited sites. Block all the inappropriate sites to distance them from your kids and create a list of legitimate for your kids to access.

How to Get Google Family Link?

You can download and install the Google Family Link app using this link. Make the most of this service to track, monitor, and manage your kid’s activity remotely.

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