In 10 Years, Apple Decided To replace iPhone With AR Glasses Which Has A Questionable Success Rate.

Advanced technology has changed our way of living in many ways. You cannot operate smartphones, refrigerators, or any other device without technology, indicating you cannot live comfortably without it. And researchers and scientists, along with the help of many tech nerds, are continuously working hard to develop more technologies and gadgets to make our lives easier and more comfortable. And the big tech companies are developing new technological products with that technology for their consumers.

One of the big tech giants, Apple, has been the main tech dominator of the global market and continues to do the same. Popular Products of this brand are a wide range of iPhones, MacBooks, and many more. Apple offers high-quality products and services with a premium pricing strategy. Apple gained many loyal consumers and a high market position with this business strategy. Focusing on consumer demand and innovative market trends, then combining them to bring out an innovative and effective product, is the primary strategy of Apple.

One of the emerging trends in the technology world is augmented reality and virtual reality. All tech companies are trying to include AR and VR in their products and make them unique. Few companies have also already done it—for instance, Google. Google has introduced a new Google Glass in 2014, which was a smart glass. But for many raised issues, Google has to take back its product from the market and avail it only for industrial purposes.

Considering this high emergence of AR and VR in the current market, Apple has decided to introduce its specialized AR glasses to replace iPhone. Introducing AR glasses, the idea itself is pretty exciting and seems like the beginning of a new era of technology. When it comes to introducing new and innovative technological products and again positive responses from consumers and gaining profit, Apple has an excellent record for it. Whether it is a tablet or smartphone, or a music player, Apple has witnessed vast success in introducing new products in the market. Mainly because of its premium quality products and innovative features the company adds.

Therefore, it is pretty obvious that after hearing the news that in 10 years, Apple has decided to introduce its specialized AR glasses, every individual will be excited and have a high expectation considering the company’s past performance. However, this is not the only fact; there is more. And that is the company claimed that it will replace iPhone. This new AR glass will replace the key product of the company. It is a huge step for Apple as half of the company’s total revenue comes from the sales of the iPhone. It is not the only risk factor associated with the decision taken by Apple regarding the introduction of AR glasses. There are more.

Risks and limitations of the decision

Many resources say that Apple wants to replace one of the best iPhones with AR glasses within ten years. It would be a massive change for the digital world. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from MacRumors has stated that the Cupertino tech organization will introduce a head-mounted gadget next year [no time specification], initiating the first step in the 10-year process in the direction of forsaking the smartphone in favor of AR glasses. According to many reports, the first device will be a standalone AR headset which would not require any connection from iPhone or Mac for operating.

Considering the high emergence of AR technology in the current market, the news of launching an AR glass that would replace the iPhone is not much of a surprise for individuals who has in-depth knowledge regarding Apple. The CEO of the company, Tim Cook, said to a well-known YouTube creator Justine Ezarik (also known as iJustine), that Tim Cook himself is pretty excited regarding new AR technology. According to him, “AR is one of these very few profound technologies that we will look back on one day and went, how did we live our lives without it?

Apple has already launched a few products comprised of mixed reality features, such as the LiDAR camera. Products like iPad and iPhone have this feature. The introduction of this feature took place after launching ARKit, a virtual reality platform that utilizes sensor data for mapping objects in 3D space to make it feasible for individuals to be expertise on AR-based apps. And till now, so far, these inventions and introductions of new features have been a success for the company.

But it is pretty doubtful that it will be the case for AR glasses because Apple will introduce the product in the market and replace iPhone with this product, which is one of the core components for Apple’s business. It is quite a risky step for Apple as half of the company’s total revenue comes from the sales of the iPhone. As reported, iPhone sales hit $US38.9 (A$54) billion for fiscal Q4 2021. Replacing the product would bring massive financial changes to the company. Additionally, the record of smart glasses has not been quite positive. For instance, Google stopped availing their smart glass, Google Glass, for the regular consumers as the public reported that with the glasses on, any individual could take photos or videos of another person without any permission. Therefore, considering the privacy issues, Google now only avails its Google Glass to only industrial consumers strictly for business purposes. As per patents, Apple has taken several measurements for protecting user privacy. But even after that, several other risk factors are still here, like high cost and target consumers. How many people will practically use AR glasses rather than smartphones for daily uses?

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