iOS 15 – The Most Popular Series with an Exclusive Launch

iOS is one of the world’s most popular operating systems for smartphones. This article will explore how iOS has evolved, some of the features that make it competitive in the market, and its prospects. iOS is a software platform developed by Apple Inc., introduced on January 9, 2007. It provides an interface to access different iPhone apps with a large touch screen display. It also includes built-in apps like Safari web browser, App Store for downloading applications, Contacts app for managing contacts list, and Calendar app for organizing events.

Apple has constantly been updating iOS with new features and bug fixes to stay competitive in the smartphone market and maintain its lead in mobile devices market share. The latest version of iOS is 15. Apple has finally released iOS 15, and it comes with a bunch of new features. Officially, iOS was released in the market on 30th June 2021. A couple of updates to the operating system will make using your phone more efficient and pleasurable, while some other updates may not be as helpful. Several new AI-powered features such as Memoji and ARKit 2.0 will help people create realistic performances and interact with virtual images in the real world. A new Dashboard for parents to keep track of their children’s screen time and usage while also following their location via the Find My Friends App. Improvements to Apple Maps will allow users to get quick transit directions from point A to point B, plan routes with popular stops such as coffee shops or gas stations, or find alternative ways if they prefer not to go through certain routes. Along with these, there are a lot more features are added in iOS 15.

iOS new features – A detailed overview


  • SharePlay
  • Watch together
  • Listen together
  • Share your screen
  • Synced playback
  • Shared music queue
  • Smart volume
  • Multiple device support
  • Connect through voice, text, and audio
  • Portrait mode
  • Grid view
  • Spatial audio
  • Voice isolation mode
  • Wide spectrum mode
  • FaceTime links
  • Join FaceTime on the web
  • Calendar integration
  • Mute alerts
  • Zoom


  • Shared with you
  • Pins
  • Continue the conversation
  • Photos
  • Safari
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Apple TV App
  • Photo collections
  • Easily save photos
  • SMS filtering for Brazil
  • Notifications options in Messages for China and India
  • Switch phone numbers in Messages


  • Clothing
  • New glasses
  • Two different eye colors
  • New Memoji stickers
  • New accessibility options
  • Multi-colored headwear


  • Focus setup suggestions
  • Focus contextual suggestions
  • Focus customization
  • Focus across your devices
  • Matching Home Screen pages with Focus
  • Allowed notifications
  • Status
  • Driving auto-reply
  • Urgent messages
  • Status API


  • New look for notifications
  • Notification summary
  • Mute notifications
  • Muting suggestions
  • Communication notifications
  • Time Sensitive notifications
  • Notification APIs


  • Interactive globe
  • The detailed new city experience
  • New driving features
  • All-new place cards
  • Editorially curated Guides Home
  • Redesigned Maps contributions
  • Improved search


  • Bottom tab bar
  • Tab Groups
  • Tab Group syncing
  • Customizable start page
  • New privacy protections
  • HTTPS upgrade
  • Web extensions on iOS
  • Pull to refresh
  • Voice search
  • Tab overview grid view


  • Archived passes
  • Home keys
  • Multiple-pass downloads

Live Text

  • Live Text in Photos (only on iPhone with A12 Bionic and later)


  • Rich results
  • Photos search
  • Web images search
  • Lock Screen access
  • App Clips in Maps results
  • Improved App Store search


  • Mail Privacy Protection


  • Limited Photos Library improvements in third‑party apps
  • Share current location
  • Secure paste
  • App Privacy Report

Apple ID

  • Account Recovery Contacts
  • Digital Legacy program


  • iCloud Private Relay
  • HomeKit Secure Video
  • Custom email domain
  • Hide My Email


  • Explore images with VoiceOver
  • VoiceOver image descriptions in Markup
  • Sound actions for Switch Control
  • Background sounds
  • Import audiograms
  • Magnifier app
  • Accessibility Memoji
  • New Voice Control languages

App Library

  • Reorder Home Screen pages

Augmented Reality

  • RealityKit 2


  • Improved Panorama captures
  • Select from UPI payment apps in India
  • Zoom in QuickTake video


  • Game Centre recent and groups invitations
  • Game Centre friend requests
  • Game highlights
  • Game Centre widgets
  • Focus for gaming


  • Shared with you


  • Find My widget
  • Game Center widgets
  • Contacts widget
  • Sleep widget
  • App Store widget
  • Mail widget
  • Intelligent widget suggestions
  • Default widgets
  • Reorder Smart Stacks

In addition to these features, iOS 15 comprises many other special features, such as improvised Siri features. On-device speech processing, on-device personalization, offline support, sharing, fast on-device processing, refer to contacts onscreen, maintaining context, control smart home accessories at a precise time, mixed English and Indic language support in Siri, and neural text-to-speech voice in more languages, all these features are included in Siri for iOS 15. Additional features are Find My, Inclusive language, improvised Screen Time, and many more. iOS 15 will facilitate you to locate your phone network even when you are offline. No more tension for having a data connection for finding your own mobile phone, and find My network will provide you with signals even when you are offline.

iOS 15 also included a wide range of new Keyboard features. For instance, magnification loupe for text cursor and selection, Vietnamese VNI and VIQR keyboards Enhanced 10-key layout for Chinese Pinyin, Smart Replies for Hindi, and several others. Screen Time features are also quite mesmerizing for tech-savvy individuals. Screen Time API enables developers to utilize this feature for parental control applications to support a wide range of tools. The simplified Setup Experience is another new feature of iOS15. It enables users to use temporary iCloud storage to transfer required data and information. Move to iOS is now improved, allowing users to move their photo albums, folders, files and, accessibility settings. Overall, the new iOS 15 comes with a wide range of features that are much more spontaneous and will provide vast benefits to the users.

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