Final Fantasy Games – An Overview Of Its Various Versions

There have been many veteran games that are still going strong and have an enormous fanbase as of 2021, and one of them includes Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy games have been on the top for all gaming consoles, be it Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Xbox, or the Playstation. To add to this, it works well for PC as well. 

Final Fantasy first started in 1987 with its first version, Final Fantasy. Here are all the Final Fantasy Games in Order: 

  • Final Fantasy 1987 Final Fantasy II 1988
  • Final Fantasy III 1990 Final Fantasy IV 1991 
  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest 1992 Final Fantasy V 1992
  • Final Fantasy I-II 1994 Final Fantasy VI 1994
  • Final Fantasy VII 1997 Final Fantasy Tactics 1997
  • Final Fantasy VIII 1999 Final Fantasy Collection 1999
  • Final Fantasy Anthology 1999 Final Fantasy IX 2000
  • Final Fantasy Chronicles 2001 Final Fantasy X 2001
  • Final Fantasy XI 2002 Final Fantasy: Unlimited with U 2002
  • Final Fantasy Origins 2002 Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2003 
  • Final Fantasy X-2 2003 Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart 2003… and the list goes on! 

The first Final Fantasy games came out in 1987 for all video consoles, and its initial release was by NES. Currently, there are more than 35 Final Fantasy games still available, and let’s take a look at some of the best Final Fantasy games. 

1. Final Fantasy – The original game is always one of the best, and so is Final Fantasy. There is characterization, so the characters are known as Warriors of Light. Adding to the game is the soundtrack that attracts the farmers. The bringing in of dungeons and graphics at the time were top-notch. This game put up a high standard when released back in 1987.

2. Final Fantasy VII Remake – Final Fantasy VII will always be the most excellent Final Fantasy game to exist, but the VII Remake isn’t that bad either. Life is back into Midgar, thus bringing a sense of nostalgia and mystery. We also understand more about Shinra’s dystopian metropolis. 

3. Final Fantasy VIII – One of the hottest Final Fantasy games had a grand opening. One of the systems we see in the game is the Junction system. Though the execution might not have been the best, this game incorporated some of the best ideas in the Final Fantasy franchise. We see Squall’s first dance with Rinoa, the assassination attempt on Edea, the revelations at the Orphanage through the plot. These parts in the game and story successfully gave the gamers an idea that the game was mystical and real to some extent. More importantly, Final Fantasy VIII brought the Triple Triad for the die-hard fans. 

4. Final Fantasy X – When the Playstation 2 came out, Final Fantasy X was one of the most played games. To this day, this game has some of the best storylines, and more importantly, brilliant graphics that are arguable great even today. There are additions to Tidus and Yuna’s story; the original story’s ending brought peace to the gamers since we got to see the heroes bringing about the Eternal Calm. Still, Tidus was gone in a touching farewell with Yuna. 

5. Final Fantasy VI– A complete masterpiece of a game, Final Fantasy VI was way ahead of its time. Some of the best parts in the storyline include the opera house or the coin toss between Edgar and Sabin and Terra’s snow crossing at the outset. It looks like the developers made the game with a lot of thought and care. 

6. Final Fantasy VII – The best Final Fantasy first game of all time. One of the exciting parts of this game is the introduction of the Final Fantasy battle royale mode, which was an instant favorite. The Impact Section is one of the reasons why the game is still known all over the world. One of the prime stories of the plot was Sephiroth’s destruction of Nibelheim. Final Fantasy vii is the best Final Fantasy game with great graphics, a great storyline, and, more importantly, enjoyable at every junction. 

Even though it is hard to name these as the best Final Fantasy games, there are so many more games. You choose these games keeping in mind the gameplay, the storyline, and the graphics, and these are cult games that you will forever remember. 

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