Best Security Keys Of 2021: Top-Notch Online Security With Hardware Keys

A good security key may add an extra layer of protection to all your business and personal gadgets, comprising the “physical two-factor authentication.” In a standard software-based two-factor authentication system, you are likely to be sent a text message or email confirming your identity. Physical hardware-based security keys, such as those featured here, are far superior to those described here.

By inserting it into a computer or mobile device, you can access services instantly without waiting and the need to send codes to the system.

FIDO U2F Open authentication is made use of to secure keys. In addition to Bluetooth and NFC, they support different types of connection and standards, including USB-A and USB-C. Facebook, Gmail, and Dropbox are well-known internet companies currently using U2F technology. Google and Yubico created it.

A security key’s physical compatibility with your devices is the first thing you should consider. It’s best to stick with keys with USB-A connectors if you don’t have any USB-C devices. To use your key with mobile devices, you should make sure that the legend you choose has a connector that fits your phone or if your phone supports NFC, make sure that the key has NFC. We strongly recommend starting with a lower-cost key and upgrading later if you are new to hardware security keys.

Taking your budget into account is also essential. The price range we considered was up to $85.

Even though security keys are unquestionably reliable, they are not the same. Let’s find out which security key is best.

Yubico Yubikey 5 Nfc (Rating-4.5)


  • The device is small and light.
  • Long-lasting

When securing your devices, the YubiKey 5 NFC is in good hands. The Yubico technology uses many security keys that support the FIDO U2F open authentication standard. The system works with NFC or USB-A and is compatible with many services like Google Chrome, Dropbox, Facebook,  1Password, and LastPass.

In addition to being compact, durable, and lightweight, the YubiKey 5 is also waterproof. Thanks to its black-and-gold design, this security key is one of the best to show off on a keyring.

Thetis Fido U2f Security Key (Rating-4.5)


  • It folds quickly and safely.
  • Budget-friendly

This security key from Thetis is an excellent choice if you want the best bang for your buck. Neither Bluetooth nor UAF or OTP is supported, and it only helps FIDO U2F. In any case, when using Chrome or Opera as a browser, you will have secure access to websites whether you are running Windows, macOS.

A folding security key with a rotating aluminum casing provides a convenient way to prevent the connector from being damaged when it is in transit.

Cryptotrust Onlykey (Rating-4)


  • Security PIN
  • password management

OnlyKey comes with some unique features which are missing from its competitors. If a computer or website is compromised, its onboard keypad can ensure that online accounts are kept safe.

Multi-factor authentication options are supported, including FIDO 2 U2F, Yubico OTP, and TOTP. It offers features such as encrypted backups, self-destruct, and firmware updates so that clients can access new features. In addition, its user interface is far from attractive.

Yubico Yubikey 5c (Rating-4)


  • NFC not supported
  • More expensive than alternatives

This USB-C security key may not be the most affordable option as far as the security key list is concerned and costs a little higher than the others on the list than Yubico’s USB-A and NFC-equipped versions. Still, it is an indispensable security tool for Android device owners. FIDO U2F, OTP, Smart Cards, and OpenPGP are all supported with the 5C.

However, it doesn’t support NFC, and it’s not iPhone-friendly – for that, you’ll need the Yubico 5Ci. Designed in the United States, this model is durable, water-resistant, tamper-resistant, and crush-resistant, so it should withstand any journey.

Uqontrol Qkey Password Vault (Rating -4)

  • Encryption of military-grade
  • Emulating credit card security protocols

The Q key security key provides military-grade security through three-factor authentication. Security keys come with security chips that include a master password for gaining access to the legend and an intelligent sensor to verify the person is present. Using this uQontrol model has the advantage of safeguarding any online site, rather than those specially designed, and allowing you to enter your password only once for convenience.


Multi-factor authentication is most secure when performed using a hardware security key. However, some people do not wish to pay a fee or retrieve their key each time they log in, which is fine. What matters most is finding an MFA scheme that suits your needs and use it. It doesn’t matter how good your security is if you ignore it.

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