Launch Of The Much Sought-After Animated Show- When Is Harley Quinn Season 3?

The Harley Quinn season 3 is expected to be released next year, and everyone is eagerly awaiting what DC will allow the madcaps series to unfold. Harley Quinn, the animated show, is at its zaniest best and earning headlines for that one scene that DC tries to veto.

Considered one of the best HBO Max shows, Harley Quinn season 3 is one of the most eagerly awaited programs for next year’s viewers since viewers binge-watched the first two seasons on the OTT. The episode starts with Mr. J and Harley breaking up again, and then it moves through Ms. Quinn going through the trials to make a name in Gotham’s supervillain ranks themselves.

The Gotham regulars, the viewer’s favorite, show up, but the comic book characters show them as deranged versions. While there are questions many on for Bane, Commissioner Gordan stands out among the rest. The new season is a must-watch for an HBO Max subscriber.

Let us take a sneak peek at the Harley Quinn upcoming Season 3.

Though viewers will expect spoilers for Harley, as one deep dive into the episodes, one will learn that this Harley is a lot more adult. And different than the debut she made in the Batman version; The Animated Series.

For starters, MS. Quinn has her group of miscreants who wants to be villains, including the misogynistic Dr. Psycho. But among the bunch, the true scene-stealers have been Clayface and King Shark.

The Harley Quinn animated series season 3 is expected to revolve predictably around the big news in the finale of season 2. When viewers left the last episode, Ms. Quinn and   Poison ran from the wedding Ivy’s. Season 2  saw the relationship teasing throughout finally coming true in season 3. Also, viewers are curious how Kite Mann, now the ex-fiancée of Ivy, will take the news.

The updated Latest News on Harley Quinn Season 3

  • A bit of footage at DC Fandom 2021 saw the teaser clip of season 3 of the Harley Quinn animated character getting a passing mention that Season 3 will be released sometime in 2022.
  • DC tries to prevent Harley Quinn from showing Batman performing particular sex acts.
  • The sneak peek was not a trailer. The rough storyboards and excellent visual assets of Harley and Ivy. The viewers should check out for themselves and laugh at the continued chaos of Gordan.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Release Date

Nobody is clear about Harley Quinn’s season 3   release date; not even the people behind the season 3 have a firm answer. Justin Halper, the showrunner in a podcast with Masters of None, said that animation takes long, and the show will be out late 2021 or early 2022.

He said season 3 would have a standalone Joker episode and another episode in the character’s brain. The Harley Quinn eat bang kill tour will be a spin-off comic series that will happen before season 3.

The show will only be on HBO Max and not on DC Universe, where it debuted. 

The Cast of Season 3

The main point in the Harley Quinn series has been the dense gallery of Heroes and villains.   Alan Tidy voices Joker and Clayface and for the Calendar man, Condiment King, and Doctor Trap.

There is the expected gallery of characters back in Season 3, but some new names are behind the microphones.   The producer and writer of the serial, Patrick Schumacker, tweeted that Veep (Sam Richardson) is joining the new season but did not reveal which character Richardson will be voicing.

Halpern is trying to voice the villain trio by John Wilson, Nathan Fielder, and Joe Pera. After saying the villain voice will be of older men with meek voices, he confirmed The Mad Hatter for Season 3. Schumacker and Halpern said that Kite Mann would not threaten Quinn and Ivy’s romance.  You cannot kill off the character of Gotham, and it is stuck with Bane. Halpern specified that they would kill any character that is not Ivy or Harley, but it will not kill Bane. Namely,

  • Harley Quinn – Kaley Cuoco
  • Poison Ivy and Cheryl – Lake Bell
  • Clayface, Joker, and others -Alan Tudyk
  • Kite Man – Matt Oberg
  • Doctor Psycho – Tony Hale
  • King Shark – Ron Funches
  • Sy Borgman – Jason Alexander
  • Batman -Diedrich Bader
  • Bane – James Adomian

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