Brydge’s 11-Inch Max Plus Ipad Keyboard Review – An Overview

The Brydge 11-inch Max Plus iPad is for those still yearning for the 11-inch MacBook Air. After launching the 12.9-inch Max Plus iPad keyboard earlier in 2021, Brydge is now available for an 11-inch model. The new keyboard is smaller but has all the features of the bigger version, and it includes the new magnetic mounting system and Bluetooth with instant-on technology. Its size is compatible with all 11-inch iPad Pro and the 4th Generation 10.5-inch iPad Air. The Max Plus comes with a price tag of $199.99 and is available on Amazon and the online store of Brydge.

Features & specifications

Despite its smaller size, the iPad Pro 11 keyboards and an iPad provide a Mac Book-like experience. The model offers a complete keyboard layout with a large trackpad that supports navigation multitouch gestures and a function row.

The model comes in an aluminum chassis in dark grey color or silver finish to match the iPad color, and when you install the iPad on it, it gives a MacBook-like appearance.

The innovation is the magnetic attachment system. It allows one to easily remove the iPad from the keyboard, use it as a handheld, and fix it back quickly if one Bridge uses the keyboard again.

The Brydge’s 11-inch Max Plus iPad keyboard uses the Bluetooth connection with the tablet instead of using the iPad smart Connector. Brydge has the instant-on technology that allows the keyboard to remain connected for up to four hours without use or battery drain to remove the usual delays in connecting the Bluetooth keyboard.

The iPad Pro 11 keyboard feels the same as directly connected to the keyboard and overcomes the usual complaint of Bluetooth. The claim of three months of battery life in a single charge by Bridge depends on how much one uses the three-level backlight.

The Max Plus keyboard has more travel than the Logitech’s Combo Touch or Apple Keyboard case, the two main competitors in this segment. The keycaps are a little smaller and thus have more space between them.

The trackpad is larger than the Logitech or Apple keyboard, and Brydge is proud of this feature in the 11-inch Max Plus model. The trackpad supports multitouch gestures, good tracking. The smaller size of the 1-inch deck causes palm rejection occasionally, which causes the cursor to jump off the screen. However, the user experience is excellent and different from the Magic Keyboard and Combo Touch.

The design of the bridge iPad keyboard is more hefty, chunky, and nearly two pounds more than the competition. It is, however, more stable on the laptop than one expects a computer to be.

The deck, which provides more room to type, allows one to type longer. Also, the entire function row is a welcome feature compared to the Magic Keyboard, where one has to reach up to the iPads touch screen or button to adjust volume or brightness. Because the iPad uses Bluetooth, one can remove it from the case and use it with the keyboard and trackpad. Many users prefer using the iPad in the portrait orientation when typing a lengthy document, which is impossible with a Logitech or Apple keyboard.

The 11-inch iPad Pro keyboard does not have a design to offer much protection when one removes it. It compares to the Logitech Combo pack, where one is left holding the bare iPad after removing the keyboard and does not provide any corner protection if one drops accidentally. If one is looking for a better protective design with similar features to the Max Plus, Brydge provides four feet of drop protection with the plastic Air max Plus.

At $ 199.99, the Brydge 11-inch Max Plus is lower by $100 from the Apple Magic keyboard and similarly priced to Logitech’s Combo touch. This product is not a budget product, and it does not find a place in the long feature list and the large amount of aluminum used in the hardware. However, if one wants to get more out of the iPad Air or the 11-inch iPad Pro and something more than a traditional Apple Keyboard experience, there are plenty of features like the bridge keyboard.

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