The Walking Dead – A Surviving Adventure

Zombie series and movies now have become a very common concept for us. A wide range of zombie movies and series are available. Some of them are just very basic, and some of them have a good storyline, twists, and climax. However, this concept was not very common and popular in the year 2010. The Walking Dead first aired on 31st October 2010 via the AMC network. Starting from 2010, still, now this iconic zombie series is going on successfully with a wide positive response as well as few criticisms. The series has ten seasons, and very soon, it is going to introduce a new season, season 11.


The concept of Walking Dead is something like this. The world has ended, and the people who survived are still struggling to survive as the zombie apocalypse has taken place on the earth. Surviving in this situation is quite tough, and everyone is trying to form their group to fight zombies and grapple with other groups for their own survival and has to make choices that are not so much of a choice for a normal human being. This is what The Walking Dead is about. The opening of the first episode of the first season is also quite thrilling. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) awakens from a coma and finds out that the world has ended, and he is now in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. He has no idea regarding the whereabouts of his wife and son; everyone else is in survival mode. He understood that he had to survive on his own, and there was no other option left.

The director of this show is Frank Darabont, who is known as the legend of horror and thrilling series. The series has a total of 11 seasons, so the main characters differ in every season. Still, there are few castings which have the lead roles in seasons 1 to 9, such as Andrew Lincol [Rick Grimes], Sarah Wayne Callies [Lori Grimes], Jon Bernthal [Shane Walsh], Laurie Holden [Andrea], Steven Yeun [Glenn Rhee], Jeffrey DeMunn [Dale Horvath], Norman Reedus [Daryl Dixon], Chandler Riggs [Carl Grimes], and many more. The series has an uncountable number of characters, some will die, and some will survive.

No doubt, The Walking Dead is a great series. IMDb has rated the series 8.2/10. However, many reviews in IMDb have stated that season 1 from season 6 or 7 these seasons are quite good and interesting. But after that, the interest in the show starts to decrease. The expectations these seasons have raised among the viewers, the seasons 8, 9, and 10 seem to like not achieved. As reviewed by Rolling Stone, “The ratings have dropped steadily from a Season Five peak of around 15 million per episode. A once-deafening buzz is now more of a low, exasperated moan.”. However, it seems like the fans of the show did not give up on the series yet. Maybe because of that, only The Walking Dead is successfully released its season 10 and is yet to release season 11 soon.

Will Rick Grimes return in season 11?

The main character of the series, through whose story started the series, Rick Grimes, ended his role in season 9. The existence of this main character is also quite vague in season 10. Rick Grimes, the main character, who is unbeatable by anyone in the series, who got support and trusts almost everyone around him, the hero of the series all of a sudden finally got beat-up and took his leave from the series in season 9.

One of the main reasons to give this sudden and unexpected or for some people expected twist to the show is because, starting from season 1 to 9, this man has been the too much of a focus and hero of the show, whereas many other main characters in the show died quite early. One of the main reasons for dropping the rate of the show is that many viewers have stated that the show now has become ‘making everything about Rick’. It seemed like the writer, and the other characters of the show have too much faith and dependency on the character Rick Grimes.

Maybe because of that reason, finally, in season 9 of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes took his leave. However, one of the main questions is when Rick Grimes will return and in which season. In season 9, Rick Grimes did not exactly die. He got severely injured. One of the other important characters of the show, Anne (a.k.a. Jadis), finds Rick washed up on a riverbank and lastly redeems herself by taking the helicopter in which she prearranged to escape the area and pick Rick Grimes in it.

This happened in season 9. The viewers and fans of The Walking Dead were eagerly waiting for the return of their hero, the main character Rick Grimes. But it seemed like the director had no intention to welcome back Rick Grimes in season 10 of the series. Rick Grimes did not come back in the series, even though he is not dead. Now the question is, will Rick Grimes return in season 11? On 22nd August 2021, via the AMC network, The Walking Dead season 11 premiered in the United States.

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