The Solid Os Watch – Fossil Gen 6

The Fossil Gen 6 is a powerful smartwatch that stands out with its sleek design, fast display, and OS3 (expected in 2022).

fossil gen 6 release date and price

The Fossil Gen 6 was released on 27th September this year and is available in the size of 42mm. There are several color options like Rose Gold, Greyish smoke, and Black. The standard model comes with a price tag of $299 that includes a basic watch band of silicone and leather. The model with a stainless band is priced at $319.

Display and Design


The fossil gen 6 new design has a few tweaks that set it apart from Gen 5   bit. Otherwise, it is the same. The Smartwatch has its round black case, different watch bands, a crown on the right side, and pusher buttons on both sides.

The new change is the small ridge on the bezel edge that looks attractive. It, however, does not rotate like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic, and therefore it has a more aesthetic look. The new Fossil Gen 6 follows the tradition of solid Wear OS devices on sleek design.

The crown looks broader and flatter, and there are two guard lugs in this model, rising to cover it, which means that the crown will catch less on sleeves or pockets. One can click on the crown to access the app list. When twisting, the crown gives resistance so that it does not rotate accidentally, and browsing through apps and menus is pretty pleasant.

Battery and performance

The new Fossil is 30% faster with 1 GB RAM and 8GB storage. One can notice these internal updates that’s sets the watch apart. The display is 1.28-inch AMOLED and is of top quality. It offers some of the best specs in a non-Apple watch. It has Snapdragon 4100 Plus chipset and, later in 2022, will have the new Wear OS 3, which combines Samsung’s Tizen OS and Google’s wearable operating system. This makes it speedy and enables it to switch between apps and screens without lag swiftly.

The battery has mixed performance. One would be lucky if the battery lasts the whole day with regular use. This is lower than the three days that are offered by Samsung Galaxy. It can last as long as the Apple Watch 5, which means one has to recharge at the end of the day. If one switches on all the features and with always-on display mode along with periodic heart rate check every 15 minutes, then the battery will last a day.

The positive side of the fossil smartwatch is that the new charger is fast and charges the watch from zero to full in an hour. Fossil Gen 6 improves with an in-box recharger. It claims to go from 0% to 80% in 30 minutes.

Fitness and health

The Fossil gen 6 is not a fitness Smartwatch, but it can take the workouts and run efficiently. The cardiogram app measures the heart rate periodically, tracks blood oxygen, and a workout tile that asks if one is indoor or outdoor. The fossil Gen 6 has a sensor SpO2 to track blood oxygen levels and an upgraded heart rate sensor. One would rely on Google fit app to track fitness and health.

Most users opt for Google Fit Suite by default app that tracks exercise and other health metrics. Taking the fossil smartwatch men out for workouts is fine, and its buttons are not cumbersome, and the watch is not heavy enough to hamper the exercise. For strength training and another low movement exercise, the Fossil watch is ideal. In contrast, Samsung is better on wrists for lengthy workouts.


Fossil smartwatch review – a snapshot


  • Sleek Design
  • Excellent Display
  • Fast speed
  • Smooth Navigation


  • Battery life is short
  • Wear OS 3 is not available currently
  • Similar to predecessor


The fossil gen 6 smartwatch is powerful and will operate the new Wear OS 3 next year. This watch is recommended than the other watches with old software. The Smartwatch, however, looks similar to other non-Apple brands like Tic Watch Pro 3 and   Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 unless they have the update in their operating system that is going to set it apart.

The GEN 6 sleek design and excellent display are one of the best. For those who want a top smartwatch that works with both Android and iOS, then fossil Gen 6 is a decent choice.

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