Lego Masters Season 2- What Keeps The Audience Glued To The Series

Lego Masters is a television series produced by Embassy Row, an American independent production company, following the adventures of two best friends and the incredible Lego constructs they assemble. The first season consists of 10 episodes, which premiered on Disney XD in November 2016. The second season consists of 5 episodes. The series originated in January 2016 when the Lego corporation signed a deal for an international partnership with Disney. The series’ principal photography took place in Chicago. Michael Healy, executive producer of Embassy Row, who also produced “The Apprentice,” supervised the production. The show airs on Disney XD globally.

Each week on the show, two teams consisting of two contestants compete to win a challenge that usually involves creating something out of Legos. In the end, you judge each contestant on their work.  And the team that has won the challenge is eliminated until only two teams remain. The teams then face a final challenge, and the winning team gets the award that includes a trophy and a grand prize. You judge the contestants on their creativity and use of Legos, which they build in various ways, such as flying and driving cars. The series premiere episode “Masters Out” featured the first team to be eliminated and the auditioning of season one contestants. Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman’s daughter, Georgia, also guest stars in the show’s premiere episode.


The winner of Lego Masters season 1 was Tyler and Amy, a married couple. Season 1 had ten episodes and a total of 10 participants. The cast of season 1 is Tyler and Amy; Boone and Mark; Samuel and Jessica; Christian and Aaron; Flynn and Richard; Mel and Jermaine; Krystle and Amie; Manny and Nestor; Travis and Corey; Jessie and Kara. Tyler and Amy were the winners, Boone and Mark were the second runner-ups, and Samuel and Jessica were the third runners-up.

Lego Masters Season 2

The first episode of Lego Master Season 2 aired on 1st June 2021. Unlike season 1, season 2 has a total of 12 episodes. Lego Master Season 2 contestant number is also 12. Here are the names of 12 contestants of Lego Master Season 2. They include Mark and Steven [brothers]; Zack and Wayne [brothers]; Caleb and Jacob [bothers]; Natalie and Michelle [friends]; Dave and Richard [friends]; Bryan and Lauren [siblings]; Maria and Philip [married couple]; Susan and Jen [friends]; Syreeta and Randall [friends]; Paras and Moto [friends]; Zach and Tim [father-son]; Jack and Dawn [siblings]. Lego Masters Season 2 winners were Mark and Steven. The second runner-up of the show was Zack and Wayne. The third runner-up was Caleb and Jacob. The last episode of Lego Master Season 2 aired on 15th April 2020.

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