The Best iPhone Cases with Wallet and Protection Features

Some of the most expensive Apple phones are the iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, and X. They are even more costly to repair.  The glass designs for the front and back make them susceptible to breakages. It is recommended that using a protective case will prevent scratches, dents, and damages to the phone.

Best iPhone XS case review

Case preferences vary, so we will take those cases, which are basic, leather, and card cases, in this review.

  • Smartish Gripmunk

Smartish Gripmunk

This is one of the best basic cases for the iPhone X and XS model. The Gripmunk case is slim, protective, and affordable though it is a plain case and available for $12 on Amazon. It is for those looking for a reasonable, durable, and simple designed case.  The good thing about Smartish Gripmunk among the iPhone X case and iPhone XS Max case, and iPhone XR is it is made of one piece of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).   It is lighter and thinner than most of the basic cases.

The case covers a maximum part of the iPhone without interfering in its function. It has a rubbery backside, and edges have a rough, pebbly texture. This provides a firm grip in hand and makes the phone secure in one’s hand.

  • Apple iPhone XS Leather case / XS Max case

Apple iPhone XS Leather case XS Max case

This is one of the best iPhone XS leather cases.  The own leather case from Apple fits the iPhone perfectly, and the feel and looks are great. This is the best option to buy a protective case at an Apple Store for $50 if one is buying a new iPhone. This iPhone xs case is for those users who prefer a premium leather look and the price tag is not a factor.

The iPhone Max Case is stylish though it may not last long. The case, however, covers enough of the iPhone’s body to guard it against minor drops. It is light and thin and available in eight colors currently. The feel and look of the leather case are tremendous and have better shape than most other leather cases. The case aluminum button covers make a nice color contrast to the leather.

  • Spigen Slim Armor CS Case

Spigen Slim Armor CS Case

If one is looking for an iPhone X Cardholder Case that is not made of leather, then the Slim Armor CS case is a good choice. This dual-layer sup slim case is robust enough for drop protection thanks to a technology that provides an air cushion. The case’s slim profile makes it easy to slip the mobile into the pocket. The case has space for two cards and some cash in the rear compartment. The case is available at Amazon for $16.

  • Vofolen Card Case

Vofolen Card Case

This is another iPhone X Case that provides an option to keep cards. This is a budget buy at $10, and it comes in many metallic colors. The slim card comes in a dual-layered TPU and is scratch-resistant. This case gives superior protection to the iPhone though one will need a separate screen protector. The backside of this case has a sliding compartment that has space for two cards and cash. This compartment is well hidden, and nobody will know that it is there in the case.

  • Speck Presidio2 Pro Case

Speck Presidio2 Pro Case

If one wants to cover all the sides, then the Speck Presidio 2 Pro case is the one. It has armor cloud technology that cushions the iPhone impact even if it falls from 13 feet.  It has a soft touch feature, and the material used in the case makes it resistant to scratches. It is one of the best iPhone XR cases that provides a better grip and prevents iPhone XR from dropping accidentally. Its slim design is compatible with wireless charging, and the price tag is $45.

  • Olixar Leather-Style iPhone XR Wallet Stand Case

Olixar Leather-Style iPhone XR Wallet Stand Case

If it is cumbersome to carry an iPhone and a wallet separately, then the Olixar Leather-Style iPhone XR Wallet Stand Case is the answer to the problem.  The dual-layer protection is the best in the market of the front cover. This wallet case has options for a couple of cards and a larger slip for currency notes.  It also doubles up a stand for the iPhone XR so that one can chat or watch media while eating simultaneously. The case allows wireless charging smoothly and is priced at $ 10.

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