Top Picks of Masks that Qualify for the Best Reusable Face Mask

The face mask is the best defense against the novel coronavirus, and the CDC recommends everyone wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. The emergence of Omicron, the new variant of the novel coronavirus, has brought back the masks in focus. As people have been wearing masks for more than a year, choosing the best reusable face mask should not be difficult. Vaccines have been effective in weakening the Delta variant and limiting its spread but how effective it will be against Omicron is yet unknown. Since Omicron has much higher transmissibility than Delta, wearing masks is the best protection for everyone.  It means that having a mask handy will make people more confident in combating the virus.

As individuals cannot evaluate the quality of any cloth facemask, looking at this review should make your task easy. The masks that figure in this review have undergone detailed evaluation.  The masks have undergone testing for comfort, real-world fit, breathability, and scientific filtration efficiency. Additionally, these masks have appeared in various reporting. All masks are suitable for wearing an additional mask on them.

Euro-Tech tops the list of best reusable face mask

This lightweight mask is the top pick on all counts. The smartly designed mask comes with a flexible nose-bridge wire, adjustable ear loops that make it suitable for all face shapes and sizes.   Beads incorporated in the ear loops prevent the cord stoppers from falling off. The mask scored high in its filtration ability as it can filter 99% particles of 0.5 micron, which is by far the best among all other cloth masks chosen for testing. Quite obviously, Enro Tech is the best mask for covid as it can cut down the transmission of the virus, provided you wear the mask correctly. The mask comes in six sizes from XXS through XL.

Kitsbow Face mask with filter

Kitsbow masks offer both heavy and lightweight options, and the 2 ply cone mask in solid colors, made from cotton canvas, but the plaid masks are of lighter performance fabric. The elastic headbands ensure a sturdy but comfortable fit and, along with the pliable nose-bridge wire, come in three sizes. The masks fit nicely as the headbands stay put on hair than most other masks.  The mask includes two filters, but unlike most other masks with filters, the filter of the Kitsbow Face mask covers the entire area of the mask, thereby increasing the filtration potential considerably. The plaid masks are more breathable, but the solid color versions ensure better filtration.

Graf Lantzu Zenbu Organic Cotton Face mask

The adjustable mask with an incorporated filter is highly versatile because of the room to breathe. The 2 ply cotton twill pre-shrunk mask leaves some space in front of the mouth and nose to provide breathing room besides being slightly expandable. It means you can open your mouth wide without the mask slipping. The nose-bridge filter is the sturdiest among other masks sent for testing and makes a great seal by balancing rigidity and pliability. The mask balances filtration and breathability because of the separately placed solid filter and assumes an excellent fit to qualify for the most comfortable facemask. Moreover, the mask design allows easy talking and breathing without any obstruction.

Airport light SE mask

The Airport Light SE mask is a high-quality face mask certified by several international quality testing and product testing companies. These are ASTM – certified Level 2 masks, and those who wear glasses will find this mask most suited for office everyday work. The cushioned seal around the nose prevents fogging of the glasses, and as per the label claim, the mask is washable up to 10 times.

Proper Cloth The Everyday Mask 2.0

Proper cloth’s upgraded mask marked by 2.0 maintains a gap between your face and the mask by providing more pleats to the mask design. The mask has a filter layer sewn into the fabric and works efficiently. The mask has a filtration rate of 75% of 0.5-micron particles, and the all-cotton mask in grey color fits as well as its earlier version. The mask is thicker and stiffer than the Enron mask but leaves sufficient space in front of the face for breathing and talking.

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