The List of the Best Password Manager includes Paid and Free Apps

Despite the security threats on the internet, most people do not care for the passwords they use. Most people use weak passwords and use the same passwords for various sites.  Passwords are most vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacking unless you use strong passwords. Strong passwords are longer than the average passwords, consist of a mix of alphabets, numerical and symbols, or special characters, and without any link to your personal information. But never reuse passwords. Reusing passwords can lead to password leaks. Take help from the best password manager 2022 to store passwords for keeping your data safe and protected. When you install a password manager application, usually by downloading it from the internet, it stores all your login information for all websites that need a password. Moreover, the password manager helps you to log in automatically.

If you wonder which password manager app would be best for you, take time to go through this review to find some top-rated password managers.

1Password – The best password manager 2022


It is better to try out the best password manager first, for which 1Password is an obvious choice. Although not the cheapest password manager in the market, its range of features sets it apart from the rest and justifies the price. The product offers a lot of extras. Besides managing your passwords, it keeps evaluating the passwords you are using and alerts you about weak passwords. It will also raise a red flag whenever it detects any compromise with passwords.

The app is compatible with all OS like Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome OS, and Windows. A client for Linux in Beta is the newest addition to the app that works anywhere by a command-line tool.  The Travel Mode feature of 1Password is a boon for frequent travelers who can delete sensitive data when traveling and restore it after reaching the destination. The secure password manager doubles as an authentication app like the Google Authenticator. The subscription rate is $3 per month per user, and for families, it is $60 per year.


bit warden

Those on the lookout for a free but reliable password manager can try out the Bitwarden. Being an open-source app, Bitwarden is free but secure. If you do not need the extra features of 1Password, you can surely bet on Bitwarden. As the password manager is open source software, anyone can check the flaws and strengthen the app. The app keeps improving every day, which is as good as adding more features to it and making it more secure. You can install it on your server if you prefer using your cloud for self-hosting.

The app works with Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and macOS and is compatible with extensions of major web browsers. The desktop app of Bitwarden supports biometric authentication systems like Touch ID and Windows Hello for macOS and Windows and ensures added security.   Bitwarden is free for single users, but families must pay $40 a year.



Dashlane is a password manager that people have known for many years, and there was nothing special about it. But the app, with recent updates, comes with several new features that make it count.  The Site Breach Alerts is the most notable addition, although some other apps have it. The app actively engages in surveillance of the darkest corners of the web, looking for stolen or leaked personal data. On detecting some wrongdoing that can compromise your security, the app alerts you instantly.

It is easy to set up the app and facilitates migration from another password manager in simple steps. Like the 1Password password manager, you will have to use a secret key for password encryption. The company moved to a web-based interface after discontinuing its desktop version, making the app a bit different from other password managers Bitwarden and 1Password.

You can avail of the 30-day free trial offer of Dashline to test the water before deciding to purchase it. The annual cost of Dashline premium is $60, and the monthly rate is $6.49.

Consider how you want to use the password manager to decide which app is suitable for you. No matter which app you choose from this list, be sure of getting the best password manager 2022.

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