The Interchangeable Vlogging Device- Sony ZV e10:  A Review

The new addition to Sony’s lineup of mirrorless cameras is the Alpha ZV-E10. The Sony vlog camera comes at a price tag of $ 699.99 and the Sony’s 16-50 lens comes at an additional $100.   This is the second attempt by Sony in making vlogging camera after the SV-1 model last year. The camera comes with a large sensor, a headphone jack, an interchange lens design, and more battery life.

The Sony ZV-E10 is the video version of the photography-oriented model of A6100.   Both the models have a 24mp APS-C sensor, but the addition of a fully fluent screen makes the ZV-E10   better for self-filming. Also, it has the flexibility to swap a lens. Sony recycled parts from its RX100 line and used it in Z-1 to fit better vloggers. This included an articulating screen, tally lights, a larger handgrip, a new mic array, and accessories hot shoes. The Alpha ZV e10 also uses the same format, but it borrows parts from the Alpha line and remixes them for vlogging use.

Sony ZV e10 review

The important addon to ZV-E10 is the E-mount lens system to this lineup. A detachable lens allows more flexibility in image quality and focal length. The only drawback is the 24-megapixel APS-C sensor which gives a 1.5x crop factor while using a full-frame lens. This indicates that a 24mm full-frame lens will actually give a 36mm equivalent field of view.

The next positive upgrades in this model over the ZV-1 are the larger battery and a USB-C port. The larger battery was much needed, even though one may need two batteries for a day of casual filming.

The USB- C port is covered with two plastic doors, a headphone jacket, a Micro HDMI port, and a mic port. The battery compartment holds the SD card slot. The new switch for power is on the top with a record button, mode switching button, and background defocus button. The zoom toggle has a detachable power zoom of 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens and a top dial for shutter speed adjustments.

The ZV-E10 does not have an electronic viewfinder for the simple reason that in a vlogging-first camera, it is designed to be able to film oneself with ease.

Surprisingly, there is no built-in ND filter in this camera, given that ZV-E10’s predecessor, the ZV-1, had this feature, but this camera does not. The good part is that E10 has an E-mount lens system that is interchangeable. The other drawback in Zv-E10 is that the camera body lacks optical stability.

The ZV-E10 can take crisp photos with 24.2-megapixel and pair with 16-50mm kit lens, but in lower light, especially when pushed beyond 8000IS, the photos have plenty of grains.

The ZV-E10 can record up to 4k 30fps, with a crop, or 4k 24fps, without a crop. Overall, the video quality at 4k 24fps is crisp and offers plenty of control. In low light, however, the kit lens struggles. And once the cameras are pushed past 6400ISO, the image becomes grainy.

The mic quality and background defocus button are disappointing. The mic does well when speaking from behind the camera; however, the audio quality is unimpressive in front of the camera. The background defocus mode can open up the lens aperture as much as possible to get to the depth of field for beginners.

There is more flexibility when a Sony cam allows the freedom to swap lenses. It can be scary and expensive as one does not know the output; it is still worth the try. A new or different lens can add value to the camera easily.  And while a good lens can be burdened by the sensor on which it is projecting light, both hold value and can be reused with newer cameras in the future.

The Sony ZV e10 adds value and is easy and beginner-friendly. It can provide easy steps for newcomers to up the game.  It is a handy device for a vlogger looking to take the next step in creative control over a phone and image quality. It has low light capabilities, which can be improved. Still, with its $800 price tag, it is an excellent camera to learn from without jumping into quality—a more expensive, complex system.


To wrap it up,


  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Compact size
  • The reasonable price tag at entry level


  • Average Battery life
  • Video crop at 4k 30fps
  • Weatherproofing features not available
  • Built-in optical stabilization absent

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