The HP Chromebook x2- A Fairly Priced Convertible


The release of Chrome OS tablets has been pretty fast. Lenovo built a useful Chrome OS tablet which was also inexpensive.  In 2021, HP released a similar device HP Chromebook x2.  This 11-inch tablet is higher and costlier than the Lenovo Duet. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c mobile processor and includes a keyboard and pen at no extra cost. The fine design and specification along with its convertible features make it more expensive than a standard laptop.  In this review, we will see whether it is worth the premium price tag.


The looks HP Chrome X2 has is sturdy and well-built hardware. It has a metal-clad feel and has a camera on the rear with a metallic HP and chrome logo. The edges have rounded corners and the device has squared sides like the iPad Pro. The camera on the top front, two USB -C ports, and a volume rocker and fingerprint reader.   The right side of the tablet is simple where one can attach the X2’s Pen to its side.

The Chromebook X2 tablet can be converted into a functional laptop with the keyboard cover in the front. It does not have a built-in kickstand but the second cover of X2 can be used as one. The X2’s keyboard is quite good considering that it has to fit a small device. The keys are a bit loud though they have solid travel. The only issue is that the keyboard cannot be used on the lap and much better on the desk. Despite the occasional clicks done accidentally, the X2 trackpad is good. The X2 is a small device with an 11-inch screen in the 3:2 ratio. It has a high-resolution display at 2160 x 1440.  It also has a bright screen. HP has included a stylus with X2 for free whereas Apple and Microsoft charge for it.  The pen is good for a quick note or sketch.

Tablet Mode

Though there are not too many chromes OS tablets though Google has made some improvements to its Pixel Slate model which came out in 2018. The Chromebook X2 tablet feels great while handling and with its 1.23 pounds eight- and 11-inch screen it is not too big or heavy to use as a tablet only. The HP x2 works well when browsing the web, playing games, and watching videos. The keyboard is added so that the device is not meant only for these activities

As a laptop

The HP Chrome X2 with its Qualcomm processor is good for normal workflow. The X2 works smoothly with all the normal apps running fine all the time. A couple of chrome windows with tabs and apps for slack, Trello, Keep and Todoist can run all at the same time though it is not the fastest. The 8GB RAM is good enough to keep the programs running without the need to refresh. Given its small size, the device can be used more as a secondary device for travel. One advantage X2 has is its excellent battery life. It can give an average of eight hours of routine work and performs well in a battery drain test where at 50 percent brightness one can have more than 11 hours of the continuous run which is good for a long-haul flight. The weight increases from 1.23 pounds to 2.25 pounds after including the keyboard, HP Chromebook x2 case, and kickstand.

Pricing and the competition

Pricing is a big factor here. The HP Chromebook x2 price is much cheaper than Surface Go 3 and costs around $ 600 which is much lower than the $860 for Surface Go 3. On the sale, it can come for $ 400 and that is an excellent bargain for a secondary portable computer like HP Chromebook x2 8GB RAM, Snapdragon 7c processor, 128 GB storage, keyboard, and pen. However, when compared to an Acer Chrome book Spin 713 and Galaxy Chromebook 2 which costs $ 700 but much faster with intel chips, better keyboards, and larger display.  At $ 600 it could be expensive for X2 when compared to others.



  • Sturdy hardware
  • Excellent battery life
  • Free Keyboard and pen
  • Excellent display


  • The keyboard is loud but okay
  • Sluggish performance on an extra load
  • Expensive among peers but good buy on sale


The Chromebook X2 has no problem on its own when it comes to price and performance. Its disadvantage is that there are standard laptops available with better features and lower prices. The Chromebook X2 is beneficial if one wants portability and long battery life while traveling. If one can get an X2 at $ 400, it is an excellent price for all the features and performance.

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