The Best Bluetooth Tracker Of 2021

We all lose things from time to time. It is common to lose items like keys, remote controls, and favorite toys. People waste time and become stressed when trying to find them.

You can ring the phone from another phone when you lose it. The Bluetooth tracker lets you ring it so you can locate the object it’s attached to. Virtually any device can be attached to the stickers, including remote controls, stuffed animals, and even remotes children frequently lose.

fitness tracker app

They’re also a great gift idea for friends and loved ones who frequently lose their keys, wallets, and other belongings.

Often, they are discounted when purchased in bulk and cost between $15 and $40. If you want to keep track of your own items, you may want to purchase a few. The best Bluetooth tracker makes it easy to track your valuables. Due to the range of key finders available on the market and their similar features, it can be difficult to choose the best one. We have tested a bunch of Bluetooth trackers, and we have concluded that there are some that deserve a place.

What Does A Bluetooth Tracker Do?

An app plays a sound when you need to track them down when they pair with your phone like Bluetooth headphones. A high-pitched tune will be emitted from the tracker when you press the ‘find’ button.

The location of Bluetooth trackers is not displayed live on a map, as they are not GPS trackers.

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A Bluetooth device can only transmit for a short distance of 200 feet, which prevents the device from being used in long-distance communication. According to the latest models, they can reach up to 400 feet in ideal conditions. You can use Bluetooth trackers to locate items you lose around the house or office.

  • Tile Pro


  • A loud alarm sounds
  • Battery replacement is easy
  • Comparatively costly to competitors
  • The new design seems pretty plain

Here’s a look at Tile Pro’s newest version, the company’s best-selling key finder. This new Tile Pro key tag is more rectangular with rounded edges, rather than square. Tile’s new tracker may not be as stylish as previous Tile versions, but it’s still very useful.

title pro

This is why we recommend the Tile Pro over any other key finder. Compared to other key finders we’ve tested; it has the best range and loudest alarm. By pressing twice on the Tile logo on the key finder, you can find your phone if you misplace it. Moreover, the battery on the Tile Pro remains easily replaceable after a year of usage.

There’s no need to upgrade if you already own a 2020 Tile Pro, as its feature set remains robust. If you are looking for the best key finder on the market, then Tile Pro is the answer.

  • Samsung Galaxy Smarttag


  • This range matches the Tile Pro
  • This device can be used to control other smart devices and routines
  • Powerful battery

Those who own Samsung phones should consider the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag as a key finder along with the Tile Pro. The Tile Pro and SmartTag both allowed us to locate our keys from 225 feet away. With the assistance of the SmartTag’s companion SmartThings app, our tester found keys that were left behind based on the last-seen data.

A unique feature of the SmartTag sets it apart from other key finders. By connecting the key finder to Samsung’s SmartThings app, you can operate some smart home features from the tracker by pressing its button. Unlike Apple AirTag, this SmartTag version does not have Ultra-Wideband connectivity to enable more precise tracking. To get this, you’ll need to upgrade to SmartTag Plus, which costs an additional $10.

galaxy smarttag

Other key finder apps might be better for you if your Android phone isn’t compatible with SmartTag. Only smartphones running Android 8.0 and higher are compatible with SmartTag. Samsung’s smart trackers work perfectly with the recently released Galaxy S devices.

  • Apple Airtag


  • Simple setup
  • Designed compactly

Apple’s AirTag is an excellent tool for iPhone users, especially if you have one of the more recent models. The iPhone’s built-in Find My app allows you to track down lost items using this key tracker. Using the U1 Ultra-Wideband chip in newer Apple phones, you can use Precision Finding to get more detailed directions to find lost items if you have an iPhone 11 or later.


Apple’s AirTag is impressive for its precision finding, but perhaps its best feature is how simple it is to set up. Using our AirTag with an iPhone running iOS 14.5 is a breeze, and the Find My user interface is easy to use.

AirTag’s privacy features needed some fine-tuning in the beginning, since the notifications that an unauthorized AirTag was tracking took a long time to arrive. Still, AirTag is an attractive design and iPhone-friendly key tracker.

  • Tile Sticker


  • Easily attaches to surfaces where other key finders can’t
  • Improved range and performance over previous Tile Stickers

Tile Sticker’s original concept was feasible and built a tracker that could stick to the surface of a device or object. Tile Stickers perform much better with the new design. This makes it an excellent choice now for tracking things such as laptops, passports, and other valuables.

tile sticker

You may find it disconcerting, but at least you will have an audible alarm and it’ll be able to reach up to 170 feet – we were able to get as close to the Tile Sticker as we could. Both Android and iPhone devices can use the Sticker, and it includes Tile’s two-way find feature for finding misplaced phones.


The process of choosing a Bluetooth tracker is not as simple as it first appears. It will lead you down the path to the ideal item for your needs whether you’re looking for a sticker-style model or a tag. Through the research, we’ve conducted and the hands-on review that we’ve conducted, we hope to guide you to your perfect tracker.

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