The Apple Magic Keyboard – Magical Performance and Versatile Application

Apple magic keyboard is a generic keyboard nomenclature that includes various kinds of keyboards for different Apple devices.  From the Bluetooth keyword that the Mac users are familiar with to the latest MacBook keyboards there are many more accessories under the umbrella. For example, the premium trackpad/ keyboard accessory for the latest iPad Air or iPad Pro belongs to the same family. To gather more insights about any keyboard, refer to any apple magic keyboard review, lots of which are available online. Here also you will find quite a bit of useful information.

Although the design of the keyboards is different, they share some commonalities like the scissor-switch design which is a combination of stability, thinness, and a short travel distance of a millimeter. The magic keyboard maintains the high quality expected from the makers of the iPhone and iPad. Regardless of the type of keyboard you choose be sure of enjoying a precise typing experience that is remarkably comfortable. All keyboards are wireless with a long-lasting internal rechargeable battery that requires only once a month charging. The English keyboard matches automatically with your Mac so that you can start working straight away.  For pairing and charging, you can use the USB – C to lightning cable that comes with the keyboard.

Apple Magic Keyboard in MacBook

The current keyboard in MacBooks is a magic keyboard that made its first appearance in late 2019 with the 16 inch MacBook Pro. Thereafter it has become an accompaniment of other MacBooks introduced in the subsequent years like the MacBook Air, 13 inch MacBook Pro and the latest MacBook of 2020 updated with Apple Silicon.

To look at the origins of the present-day keyboard you have to rewind to 2015 when Apple made a significant change to its notebooks. For the first time, the company introduced a butterfly mechanism-driven keyboard with the 12 inch MacBook. The goal was to provide a much more precise typing experience. The keyboard was extremely thin as compared to other keyboards of the time that used a scissor mechanism and four times more stable ensuring greater typing precision no matter how you strike the keys.

To achieve quiet typing and a short travel distance the company compromised on durability. But the butterfly keyboards were crass as complaints flooded the online forums. Users reported problems of repeating characters, sticky keys, or non-functioning keys. The indications were clear that Apple had to offer something that delighted users. The company launched the magic keyboard in October 2015 and today we have the 24-inch keyboard in 2021.

The all in one accessory for iPad Pro, iPhone, Mac Desktop, and more

Despite being a tablet, seldom anyone uses the iPad Pro without a keyboard to use it as a laptop. Therefore, Apple offered the magic keyboard as an accessory so that Pro users could use the device in the way they want. Now you understand why you will seldom have an iPad Pro without the apple magic keyboard case. The versatility of the keyboard makes it compatible with almost the entire range of Apple computers, iPads, and iPhones.

The keyboard is primarily an add-on for Mac desktop; at least that is how Apple sells the product, how you use it is your personal choice.  To use it with Mac, just plug in the lightning cable to the USB port and get going. The keyboard pairs automatically for wireless use with any of the devices.  The keyboard even pairs with Android devices or Windows PCs or virtually any Bluetooth device that can pair with a Bluetooth keyboard.

The keyboard features

Besides the standard alphabet and numerical keys, the keyboard has arrow keys and a row of function keys. The keyboard has an internal battery which is a massive improvement from its predecessors that used AA batteries. Excluding the battery compartment from the design allowed for slimming down the design as the present-day keyboard is much thinner and looks sleek. The thickest point of the keyboard is only 0.43 inches, an incredibly thin keyboard indeed. The design supports the scissor-style key mechanism.

The standalone version of the apple magic keyboard does not have backlit keys. To facilitate working with spreadsheets and financial applications using the slightly bigger and more expensive magic keyboard with numeric keypad.

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