Windows 11 SE – What is it?

What is Windows 11 SE?

Microsoft introduced a new cloud-first operating system, Windows 11 SE, specifically for educational purposes. Due to the social distancing norms during the pandemic, every school and college all around the world started online classes from home. Teachers and students, giving and taking lessons through digital devices like smartphones and laptops. In order to enhance the online education process, Microsoft has introduced a new Windows 11 SE. It is a new simple and affordable way to help make education accessible to all students. The devices comprise the new Surface Laptop SE which is built with customization for students and teachers as well as starts at $249. Additionally, the supported devices coming from Acer, Dell, ASUS, Dynabook, HP, Fujitsu, JP-IK, Positivo, and Lenovo, powered by AMD and Intel.

“We have heard from educators that they need options that are simpler, secure, and work on more affordable devices. This expanded portfolio complements our current Windows 11 devices for learning, providing even more choices for schools to have the tools, insights, and controls they need to deliver optimal learning experiences, at a price that broadens access to Microsoft performance, security, and reliability.” As stated by the vice president of Education Marketing, Paige Johnson.

According to Microsoft, it has been expected that most of the devices will be offered for purchase through education channels in the last quarter of 2021 and into 2022, associated with the education buying season. Windows 11 was released on 22nd November in 2021. Windows 11 SE has the capability to run applications that run in a browser. For instance, either in Chrome or Edge, which is quite common for education applications. Web applications do not need installation on any expedient. Windows 11 SE restricts the applications that can be downloaded on the device which is occasionally known as native applications or Win32 applications. It has been observed that teachers want a distraction-free and simple environment for the students. On the other hand, IT Administrators require devices that can be easily managed and perform well all the time. So that activities like advanced features, application installation, and setting changes can be easily controlled by IT administrators instead of end-users. For situations that need access to more applications in the store or more installed applications, Windows 11 Pro Education is the best choice.

Key features of Windows 11 SE

Windows 11 SE is envisioned for educational organizations where teachers and administrators utilize cloud-based identity security and management for the devices and students. It has been built with a modernized interface as well as restricted, based on feedback from instructors and education-first app choices. Windows 11 SE is not envisioned for persona or private use. Considering the working procedure of this operating system it can be expected that most of the consumers would find Windows SE too limiting for using it on a personal device. Though, if a user would like to use the Windows 11 SE for personal use, then users need to obtain a license for the version of Windows the user wants to sustain. For installing Windows 11 SE, users need to completely erase every data, settings, file, favorites, and then Windows 11 SE operating system will be installed on the device, with the licensed version of Windows. After that, It will be hard to get back to any other version of Windows.


Third-party app support: S mode of Windows does not allow the installation of third-party applications outside of the Microsoft Store. But With Windows 11 SE, users will be able to do that.

Better battery life: Microsoft has promised that the new version of Windows 11, Windows 11 SE will be easier and lighter to use which will consume quite less power and will run longer.

Optimized for Microsoft services: Windows 11 SE is augmented for the services of Microsoft. This version of Windows comes with Microsoft 365 preinstalled.

Cloud-first storage: One of the main advantages of Windows 11 SE is that it comes with 1TB of OneDrive storage. Additionally, it will back up files to OneDrive by default.

Simplified user interface: Windows 11 SE is comprised of some UI changes, such as easy Snap Layouts to let the user load two windows side by side, along with some other features such as Widgets have been detached.

Full-screen app launch: Imitating operating systems of mobile, as well as to support the distraction-free plea, applications will introduce in full-screen mode on this OS by default.

Controlled app installation: The administrator control feature of Windows 11 SE helps with the deployment of services and apps for a wide range of students, and also for limiting certain apps for the students. The school administration now can choose apps to allow or block for the utilizing of the students. Additionally, the IT admins of the school and colleges will get control through a backend console known as Microsoft Intune.

Windows 11 SE and Chrome OS

Windows 11 SE is a major Chrome OS competitor. With Windows 11 SE which is aiming the educational institutions first, it is being expected that Windows 11 SE will dominate the market and will give tough competition to Chrome OS. Chrome OS is comprised of solid app selection, along with the support for Android apps as well as Linux apps. On the other hand, Windows 11 SE has a huge catalog of Windows apps. With the support of third-party apps kept open, Windows 11 SE could end up sustaining a superior app directory. Additionally, Microsoft enables administrators to install the Linux and Android subsystems. It refers that Windows 11 SE can have access to every app Chromebooks do, as well as even more. In addition, Windows 11 SE is quite more affordable compared to Chrome OS. Windows 11 SE comprises more features on built-in accessibility and with no additional cost, which decreases the requirement to purchase and evaluate third-party solutions. However, schools that use Chromebook devices require to pay for services and manage subscriptions.

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