Surface Duo 2 Review – Much Improvement But Still Work In Progress

The surface duo 2 from Microsoft stable in 2019 was meant to be like a digital diary with two displays. The product lacked hardware finishing, and also, the high price put off recommendations.

Microsoft’s product hardware was entirely redone, considering that it would be the flagship android phone with a late 2021 surface duo 2 release date. The news surface duo 2 comes with Android 11, which is more optimized for the dual-screen.

  • Price and Availability

The surface duo 2  has a starting price of $ 1499, increasing $ 100 over the launch version. Though the surface duo 2 price is more, there is Type -C charger or bumper case. The optional accessories like the newly designed   Bumper come at $ 40, the Pen cover without the pen comes at $ 65, and the Slim Pen 2 cost $130. The pen sticks to the   Surface Duo 2 but will not charge wirelessly.  The colors available for Surface Duo 2 are the Obsidian Black and the glacier white. It comes in 128 GB, 256GB, 512 GB configurations and are priced at $1499, $1599 and $ 1799 respectively.

  • Hardware and Design

The product looks like the first version, but it has been rebuilt fully with better glass curves. The fewer hard edges and the reworked material and frame make it resistant to damage. There is a Type C port in the middle and IPX1 water protection. The device is thicker and heavier, making it heavier than its predecessor or the Samsung Galaxy fold.  The larger size is due to the battery, which is now 4449 math up from 3577 math and display of 90 Hz compared from 60 Hz.

The hinges are also new and open smoothly. The rear has the new triple camera with an ultra-wide telephoto. There is a flash and a sensor that helps to focus.

  • Display

The two displays are 5.8 inches, each larger than the 5.6 inches of the earlier model. The higher 90Hz refresh rate, when combined with a faster CPU, makes the surface Duo 2   more responsive. The brightness is 800 nits at its peak, and the screen is glossy, but one can overlook it because of its overall sharpness.  The size, color, and contrast make the screens look tremendous. The Duo 2’s displays curve inward like how paper in a book bends and helps in multiple ways, not just for its looks. The viewing area between the two screens is closer than the earlier version. It is now only 67 pixels becoming obscured, down from 84 pixels. This allows one to seed uninterrupted content.

  • Software

The software was also the problem in the Surface Duo 1 part from the hardware.  The not-so-good experience was mainly because of Android 10, which is not meant for dual-screen.  The Android 11 combined with better hardware gives improved performance.  The investment by Microsoft into gaming and photography in the Surface Duo is a welcome move as it was ignored earlier.  There are 113 premium games that users can stream here with the on-screen touch controls.

  • Performance and Battery

The Microsoft surface 2 packages Qualcomm   Snapdragon 888 with storage ranging between 128 GB and 512 GB and a RAM of 8 GB.  The battery life is not extraordinary but decent enough considering the running 90Hz dual-screen and processor.  The screen time can go up to the 4-hour mark on a single charge.  This can, however, vary depending on the workload and display brightness.  The quick charge feature is good and allows the device to be charged around 50% in just  30 minutes. Unfortunately, it does not have a wireless charging feature.

  • Cameras

There are three rear cameras on the back with wide, Telephoto, and ultrawide options at 12MP and 16 MP. The use of AI and deep learning has paid off with the live image being okay; the photos post-processed come out nicely balanced in exposure, contrast, and colors.

Final Thoughts

The Surface Duo 2 has improved significantly with better hardware, more attention to detail, and smoother software. There are some areas that Microsoft surface duo 2 needs to work upon, including the price, which is on the higher side.

Pros and Cons


  • Brilliant Hardware design
  • Fast and smooth experience of Android dual-screen
  • 90Hz plus display
  • NFC, 5G, Snapdragon 888
  • Excellent rear cameras


  • More expensive the earlier model
  • Occasional bugs
  • Wireless charging is not available
  • Limited opportunity for pen
  • High price starting from $ 1499

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