Get the Best Smart Light Switch for Creating Intelligent Home Lighting Systems

Smart homes need intelligent lighting solutions that give smart looks to your home’s aesthetics. Embedding smart light switches and dimmers in your walls can provide homeowners a shot in the arm. Indeed, you can replace your existing lights with smart bulbs and feel like achieving your goal. However, the job is incomplete until installing the best smart light switch to control the light fixture. Traditional light switches are not compatible with smart lights. You must change these to fulfill your goals of home automation. When you are too lazy to move out of bed to switch off the light, a voice command is enough to operate the switches. Smart switches work with almost all the dominant home platforms, which provides flexible options to everyone, from veterans to beginners.

The good news is that it is possible to retrofit most of your home’s light fixtures and connect them to the web for automating the lighting system, which is essential for creating smart homes. As many people do not want to take the hassles of replacing the existing light bulbs, an easier option is to install some of the best smart home light switches.

Going into the New Year, here are some modern light switches you can consider in 2022.

Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer is the best smart light switch

Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer

According to some smart switch reviews, the Lutron Caseta switches rank at the top because it ranks at the top in the overall evaluation. The switches have a unique design with several buttons for lighting scenes, dimming, and controlling power. The wireless dimmer is a feature-heavy switch that does not require a neutral wire and is easy to install.  The geofencing capabilities of the switch allow the lights to switch on automatically when you arrive home and turn off in the same way when you are leaving home. You can program the switches to switch on or off at specific times so that the lights are on when you are away that can deceive intruders.

The different buttons indicate the functionality, so you know how to make the best use of it, whether you adjust the brightness or turn off the light.  To use voice commands, pair the switch with any smart home assistant like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

To use all the features of the Lutron switches and wireless dimmers, you need to get the Lutron Smart Bridge. The starter kit contains the bridge and remote control.

GE C Start Smart switch

GE C Start Smart switch

A perfect blend of minimalist design and easy operations, the GE C Start Smart switch has pleasing looks well supported by the simple design of the plate that does not seem intrusive. The simple touch and drag controls with the tiny rings of light make for a practical and useful night light without being imposing.  The GE C app facilitates remote control and scheduling. Like other smart switches, the GE C Start Smart switch responds to voice commands generated from any smart home assistant.

We Mo 2nd Gen smart light switch

We Mo 2 nd Gen smart light switch

To get the best value for money, there is nothing better than the We Mo 2nd Gen smart light switch that figures in the list of the best smart switch. The We Mo range of products includes smart plugs, bulbs, and switches required for powering a smart home. We Mo Smart light switch is the latest offering of the company. The switch is easy to install, and you can control your home lighting by using the switch with either the We Mo app or some smart home assistants, including Apple Homekit voice commands.

The We Mo app is more convenient as you can operate it from your smartphone. The app helps build custom schedules for operating the lights and fans that automatically switch on and off at the set times. When you are away from home for a few days, you can use the Away Mode, which turns on/off your lights randomly, which indicates that someone is at home. We Mo allow group controls by allowing you to group multiple switches of your lighting systems and other electrical installations. However, the We MO switches do not work with 3-way switches and require a neutral wire.

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