Alienware X15 – A Powerful Gaming Laptop With Top-Class Performance

The Alienware X15 belongs to the best-in-class gaming laptops. The nicely designed distinctive package will surely grab eyeballs. The gaming laptop will delight anyone looking for an aesthetic that can stand out from the crowd.  The remarkably thin but highly powerful laptop has a well-designed layout to accommodate a variety of ports that meets the needs of any type of gamer. But the actual number of ports is fewer than perceived, a compromise that you must be ready to accept.

If you have two devices of USB – Type-A, then you should use a USB hub instead of plugging both devices directly into the laptop. The adapter expands your options of plugging in multiple peripherals without depending on the laptop’s ports. Keep the laptop plugged into the power outlet more often than not.

Specifications of Alienware X15

The specifications of the Alienware X15 R1 are yet another proof of the brand’s absolute dominance among gaming laptops. Alienware is in a class of its own for gaming laptops.  The highest-end model of this Alienware x series has a 1440 p display, while 1080 p is what you get in the other models. You get what you pay for and if you target 1440p, then get ready to loosen your purse strings to spend some top dollar. However, the difference might not be noticeable in the 15.6-inch screens with 1080p displays, but the difference in refresh rates of 165 Hz and 36 Hz is too glaring. Similar differences in response times of 3ms and 1 ms are just too much to ignore.


The Alienware laptop does not belong to the cheapest category of gaming laptops.  These laptops are expensive, but you can find some models with lower specifications and configurations that are slightly more affordable. But indeed, the highest-end model is among the most expensive gaming laptops, as revealed in every Alienware x15 review that you will come across.


If you value aesthetics in the design of devices, then indeed, the X15 R1 stays much ahead of other devices in the market. The looks are unique and would make anyone feel like grabbing the device before anyone else reaches out for it. The heavy-duty plastic chassis contributes immensely to the build quality that imparts unique looks to the device.  Adequate venting on the underside of the device allows sufficient airflow to keep the laptop cool during use. But the ultrathin laptop might not always remain cool because of the way it flushes with the surface on which its rests that can hinder the airflow.

You can expect the smoothest gaming experience from an Alienware gaming laptop with a speed of 360 Hz and a 1080p display. If you play Cyberpunk 2077 on ultra settings, DLSS on, and ray tracing on high, you will feel like enjoying 1440p until you look at the specs. The device has pretty decent speakers and fills the room with sound with some bass as its specialty. The trackpad is highly responsive and the keyboard decent enough for typing, although you need neither for enjoying a great gaming experience.  RGB options are available for the trackpad and keyboard that you would not usually see elsewhere. As the ports are at the back of the chassis, it facilitates venting from the sides.


Before going into the details about performance, it is better, to sum up, that the Alienware gaming laptop could be the best among its peers. In every parameter used for measuring performance, whether it is the RTX 3080 Max-Q GPU or the Intel Core i7-11800H CPU, the benchmark scores of the Alienware X15 R1 are a few notches above the rest. You can make a difference when you play any game. You will have the most satisfying experience with Alienware laptop gaming in performance compared to Gigabyte Auros 17X and Gigabyte Aero 17.

Battery Life

The battery of Alienware x15 is no different from the batteries of other devices in terms of battery life. The 87 WHr battery lasts for about 3 hours 9 minutes at the most would last for 2 hours 47 minutes when viewing HD movies.

The laptop is only for those ready to pay for the best gaming experience.

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