Communication Without Compromise is the Biggest Assurance for Wickr App Users

Privacy is a top concern for users of any secure messaging service and it is no exception when you choose the Wickr app a single end-to-end encrypted messaging service. No one wants Toms peeping at their private messages because it is nobody’s business. But unfortunately, there is a huge market for selling and buying on the dark web which is the reason for being extra cautious about choosing any private messaging app.

Sold by the name Wickr Me, it is a free messaging service available as an encrypted messaging app for portable devices or better to say smartphones and desktops. Since users are more comfortable using the app on their mobile phones we will discuss the app features and functionality for smartphones only.

Wickr Me is the name of the Wickr app – features and functions

Wickr Me is a good secure messaging app that meets their expectations of privacy and security. The app has everything that one could ask from a private messenger service provider. Perhaps, the biggest attraction of the app is that it allows anonymous registration that you seldom find in private messenger apps.  The app uses strong cryptography to ensure client-side end-to-end encryption that gains the confidence of users who are looking for the Wickr app. The app features include an entire range of message types like text chats, group messaging, one-on-one video class, and location and file sharing.

Wickr Me compatibility and specialty

On a closer look at the app, you should notice the specialty that sets it apart from the rest. The app not only uses encrypted messaging but the messages you sent across by using the app are ephemeral, meaning that it will disappear within a set time. The feature upholds the instant messaging aspect very well as you can set various time limits for the messages to remain visible. For example, you can choose your preferred time after which the messages would become auto-destructible.

Wickr Me is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Using Wickr Me

Keep reading to know how to use Wickr.

Android phone users can download the app from Google Playstore and install it by entering a user name and password. Since the app will not ask for any personal information, you can register anonymously and start using the encrypted messaging app.  The user name you choose during installation becomes your Wickr Me ID.

The feature Contact Finder will automatically search the phone’s address book to look for other Wickr users who you can connect immediately. You need to start sending invitations to them separately which saves your time. No worries about Wickr accessing your contacts as the information they store in their server is a cryptographic representation of your contacts.  Linking your phone number to Wickr allows other Wickr users to connect with you easily. But it is an optional feature. You need not use it if you want to remain anonymous.

Ephemeral messaging

The ephemeral messaging feature of Wickr Me is like the icing on the cake for users who are highly sensitive about their privacy.  Whether you give Wickr Me the tag of the best encrypted messaging app or not, be rest assured that the app ensures considerable privacy by allowing users to register anonymously.  Over and above the ephemeral messaging ensures that you can destroy the messages beyond recovery if you feel like it. All Wickr messages have a limited life span after which the app destroys them automatically. The app uses a digital shredder for destroying messages for good. Once destroyed, there is no way of recovering the message as the destruction process is immune to forensic recovery.

Users can choose the longevity of the messages by setting the time in the in-built auto-destruct timer.  The app has a Burn-on Read Timer too that starts ticking soon after you read the messages. The two timers completely control the life of the messages. Messages vanish automatically and forever when the expiration timer hits the limit.

Using Wickr Me is no different from using any other Wickr app alike Wickr Pro Basis that has almost the same features.

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