Smartphones That Figure In The List Of Best Cell Phone Deals (2022)

As we are about to enter 2022 in just a few weeks, people are eager to know about the best cell phone deals (2022).  The continuous introduction of new phone models constantly increases our expectations, and the phone manufacturers are doing their best to live up to it. The incredible pace of smartphone evolution adds excitement as phone users anticipate something extraordinary from their favorite brands.

Those who want to know about the best phone deals right now should hold their excitement for some more time because big and new phones are on the cards. Most well-known smartphone brands are ready to launch new smartphones in the New Year. Although the launch dates are still unknown, smartphone lovers can expect some exciting models, some of which might surpass their expectations. Yes, smartphones surprise us with new features, and new cell phones 2022 are sure to keep the tradition alive.

As the countdown begins, let us have a sneak peek at the most anticipated smartphones in 2022.

iPhone X fold leads the pack of the best cell phone deals (2022)

The wait has been too long for the iPhone X fold that has been in focus since 2019 but is most likely to appear in 2022.  The phone images are available on the web, but Apple maintains complete silence about the actual looks and features of the phone. Apple fans are trying to render the most accurate image of the first foldable phone from Apple. The price of the iPhone X fold is  $2000, but it is pointless to include it in the cell phone deals right now.

The craze for iPhone13 to continue

Currently, all attention is on the recently launched iPhone13 for those looking for the best cell phone deals. The iPhone looks like a replica of the iPhone 12, but the similarity ends there. The iPhone 13 has 1TB storage, a bigger battery, an improved camera, a fingerprint scanner, and a screen with a high refresh rate. From simple browsing to performing all internet activities, the phone fulfills the needs of people in more ways than one.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Inside The Samsung Electronics Co. Unpacked Product Launch Event

Samsung Galaxy S22, with a tentative launch date sometime in January 2022, is drawing a lot of attention. The S22 phone family includes S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra.  The phone design will be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S21, but the chipset belongs to the next generation. Most likely, the phone has a continuous optical zoom 2X -10X as the camera is likely to be much superior according to the information from the crystal ball gazers.  The 108 MP main camera of the Ultra will have a 12X optical zoom while the models will have 50 MP cameras. The Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU will likely accompany these devices.

Google Pixel 6


Among the 2022 cell phones, the Google Pixel 6 is a big-ticket phone with a Pro version. So, you can expect two phones from Google in 2022. The phone has an entirely different design from the earlier Google phones and has a new chipset named Google Tensor, the first chipset manufactured by Google. The Google 6 pro has a 6.7 inches curved screen and a 120 Hz refresh rate. The Pixel6 has a flat screen with a 90 Hz refresh rate.

Blackberry 5G


BlackBerry phones are likely making a comeback in 2022 as the company is ready to launch the Blackberry 5G, the only 5G phone among new cell phones 2022The phone belied our expectations of release in 2021, and there are high hopes of the phone reaching the users anytime soon. The phone has a physical QWERTY physical keypad typical of the Blackberry phones we knew.

Huawei P50


The Huawei P50 will be available in the USA in 2022 and is likely to figure in the best cell phone deals (2022).  The 1228 x 2700 OLED screen size is 6.6 inches, refresh rate is 120 Hz, 12 GB ram, and a quad lens.   The 64MP telephoto camera has a zoom up to 200X, 50 MP main sensor, 40 MP monochrome camera with 13 MP Ultra-wide.

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