Everything that you Wanted to Know About Stranger Things Season 4

The production of the series   Stranger Things fourth Season was halted when the pandemic started in march 2020, like much other television series. Speculations on when is season 4 of Stranger Things coming out was on everybody’s lips. The previous seasons were around the same time during summer in June or July. August 6, 2021, teaser meant that the new season would start around fall if Stranger Things season 4 release date is 2021. The filming again started this year, which means viewers will get to see more from Upside Down when the series comes back in 2022.

Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date

Season 4 of the series is set to be premiered on Netflix in summer 2022.

But will it be the new season all about of this Netflix hit? when is Stranger Things 4 coming out

If you are reading this article about Season 4, then it is obvious that you must have watched the earlier seasons and looking forward to the new season.  In season 3, the beloved police chief and foster dad (David Harbour) died, sacrificing himself for the greater good, but he will be back in the new season.  The other actors who are coming back are Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, Sadie Sink, and  Noah Schnapp as the core group of friends. Natalia Dyer, Joe Keery, Charlie Heaton, and Maya Hawke as the teens; Cara Buono, Winona Ryder, Harbour, and the new series regular Brett Gelman as adults. Also, there is Priah Ferguson as the precocious little sister of Lucas.

Who will not be back? 

Billy, the lovely d-bag who proved that his heart was good when he sacrificed himself to stop the Mind Flayer that possessed his body throughout season 3. Alexi, the Hopper’s Russian hostage who was killed tragically, will not return also.

While it seemed in Season 3 that Hopper was incinerated when Joyce closed the gateway to Upside Down, which was hidden in the Russian bunker under the Starcourt Mall, as this was the only way to ensure his safety.  A mid-credit sequence in the season 3 finale showed the two guards taking a prisoner from his cell to feed to a Demogorgon, making sure he was “not the American.” inside a Russian prison.

After Harbour confirmed his return featuring Hopper with a Valentine’s Day video working on a railroad track in a snowy Russian gulag, series creators Ross Duffer and Matt and confirmed that Hopper is the American in question.

Stranger Things season 4 is shaping up as the biggest and most frightening season, and one cannot wait for everyone to see more.

The first episode has a title as “The Hellfire Club.” Netflix has unveiled all nine-episode names during 2021’s Stranger Things Day event.  Since originally released through the official Stranger Things writers’ Twitter account last year, each episode title is given a bit of an overhaul.  There   are no more names of the episode   that goes by “You Snooze You Lose.”  And “Tick Tok Mr Clock.

season 4

Episode Titles of Stranger Things 4 Season 

Episode 1: The Hellfire Club

Episode 2: Vecna’s Curse

Episode 3: The Monster and the Superhero

Episode 4: Dear Billy

Episode 5: The Nina Project

Episode 6: The Dive

Episode 7: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab

Episode 8: Papa

Episode 9: The Piggyback

A team of   new characters is joining in the  new season 4, and  they include:

  • Eduardo Francoas Argyle, Jonathan’s new and best friend, and an easy-going stoner, pizza delivery boy.
  • Jamie Campbell Bower is a kindhearted man who works as an orderly at a psychiatric hospital like Peter Ballard.
  • Robert Englund as Victor Creel, an intimidating and disturbed man, imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital.
  • Mason Dye, a handsome, rich athlete, dating the most popular girl in school as Jason Carver.
  • Joseph Quinn, the head of the Hawkins High official D&D Club, The Hellfire Club
  • as Eddie Munson,
  • Tom Wlaschiha, a smart and charming Russian prison guard as Dmitri
  • Sherman Augustusas Lt. Colonel Sullivan, a no-nonsense man who thinks he knows how to end the evil in Hawkins.
  • Nikola Djuricko is Yuri, an unpredictable Russian smuggler who loves cold hard cash, bad jokes, and crunchy style peanut butter.

Stranger Things 4 will be on your OTT platform in the 2022 summer season, which means one can see another Independence Day premiere.

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