Framework Laptop Review

With technology changing, computers and laptops have grown to a new level altogether. One of the new laptops that have been in talks has been the Framework Laptop.

The framework is easy to carry a well-made versatile laptop that allows owners to upgrade and repair it easily. This slim and portable device with a tall 3:2 screen looks great, has an excellent keyboard. There is easy access to modify and repair any part of the device. The only drawbacks that you can find in this device are the weak spears and a loud fan that can cause a disturbance. Now we will review the middle of the laptop range. The price of the Framework laptop various from $769 to $2000. These varieties in terms of price are there based on the configuration.

Framework Laptop Review – Price and Configurations 

As of now, the Framework laptop price is available only on the Framework website. The device’s starting price is $999, but you can have it for $799 if you choose to assemble all the different parts of the device by yourself. This is the DIY Edition of the Framework.

The base configuration of this laptop comes with an Intel Core i5-1135G7 CPU, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and a 256GB NVMe SSD with Windows 10 Home.

With (16GB DDR4 and a 512GB NVMe SSD) plus a Core i7-1165G7 CPU and copy of Windows 10 Home, you get the performance configuration at $1,399.

With the powerful Core i7-1185G7 CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, a 1TB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi 6 plus vPro for enterprise work, and Windows 10 Pro copy, you can get the professional configuration for $1,999.

Framework Laptop Review – Design 

The framework has a slim aluminum chassis that goes right in with all the other laptops in the market. The device is thin and almost as light as the MacBook Air.

Having a sleek and slim design, the chassis of the Framework and has some exciting aspects to it. On the bottom of the laptop, you will find Torx T5 screws. The framework also ships every device with a packed-in screwdriver/spudger with a swappable T5/PH0 bit that fits every screw on the Framework.

The design of the laptop is also replaceable, and the bezel around it comes right off, so you can easily swap it for other color options. Along with a black bezel, there is also a red variant available in the future.

Framework Laptop – Ports 

There is one headphone jack and 4 user-configurable ports. There is also a choose-your-own port system that offers the best level of laptop customization. The only port that you cannot change is the 3.5 mm audio jack located on the laptop’s left side.

The rest of the laptop’s ports are user-configurable, and that is due to the special expansion card system. The laptop’s bottom has four slots, each of which can accept a Framework Expansion Card that slides and connects to the laptop via USB-C. As per your convenience, you can even swap ports while the laptop is running.

Framework Laptop Review – Performance

In terms of its performance, the framework configuration performed well under powerful pressure for daily work. When the Framework test happened using the Geek Bench 5.4 multicore CPU benchmarking tool, the modular laptop with its intel core i7-1165G7 got a good score of 4,432.

The con here is that it is not the best laptop for top-level games with high graphics. On the other hand, it falls short of being an ideal laptop for editing purposes either.

Framework Laptop Review: Keyboard and Touchpad 

One of the top features of the Framework Laptop includes the great keyboard that comes with it. It is smooth and is very easy to type on. There is also a fingerprint reader on the power button.

The touchpad can be reached easily and is comfortable to use.

Framework Laptop Review – Sound and Webcam 

The speakers of the laptop can get noisy, which can affect the human ears. The quality of the sound is at the top level.

The laptop has a 1080p webcam that delivers good image quality, and there are switches to disable the camera.

Overall, the Framework Laptop can be considered a device with its positive notes, but its flaws overshadow them. The laptop can do better in terms of some of its features. Some of the top-level features are also present in this laptop, suitable for daily work..

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