To Buy or Not to Buy Seagate’s Lacie 2TB SSD 2021 – The Stylish External Drive

 The explosion of data has compelled people to expand the data storage and handling capabilities of their existing devices for managing bigger data volumes.  Data cramming slows down devices and since it is not feasible to buy new devices frequently, using an external drive is a cost-effective option. For more than a decade, portable solid-state drives or SSDs have become highly popular for their versatile solutions in data management. The universal compatibility of SSDs has made it an obvious choice for storing data regardless of the device’s configuration and capacity. As the data explosion continues, SSDs are growing bigger, as evident from the Lacie 2TB SSD introduced by Seagate.

Let us delve deeper into the product to discover its various facets so that the information can be useful for making a decision about buying an external SSD.

An Overview of Lacie 2TB SSD

The 2TB Lacie SSD is an expensive storage device from Seagate and equipped with a free data recovery service which looks quite attractive. The nice-looking portable solid-state drive is the latest addition in the long list of Lacie SSD that has been a reputed brand across the globe.  The device comes with a 3-year warranty which is hardly enough to justify the steep price because the SSD is nothing more than similar devices with Gen 2 speeds and USB 3.2.  The price seems quite baffling, and selling the product can be quite challenging because similar products of other brands are much cheaper. You can get the same performance from the SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD or the Kingston XS2000 without feeling a pinch in your pocket.

Some people might point to the data recovery service that makes the device worthy of the high price, but you get the same feature from Seagate’s OneTouch.  However, the portable SSD 2TB is far more stylish than OneTouch. But would you be happy to pay a premium for the style alone?

Design & Features

There is not much change in the device’s design from its predecessor of the same name but released in 2019. The current model is much more compact, and the design derives inspiration from the parallelogram, which reminds us of the French origin of Lacie. The portable SSD 2TB from Seagate has a drive that looks like a single composite block of machined Aluminum. At one end is a type C connecter that allows the device to function as a USB C SSD drive. The device has the brand logo etched on it and status light. The small device with a minimalist style looks cute as the size 10.6mm x 50mm x 80mm is just perfect for carrying the device around without anybody noticing it. The lightweight SSD, which weighs only 45 grams, comes in a box.  A USB Type-C cable, details of Seagate’s Rescue Data Recovery services, and a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud for one month are also the box.

Performance & Use

No one can doubt the toughness of the SSD that can withstand knocks and shocks to last for a long time but is prone to scratches. The softness of Aluminum makes the device susceptible to scratches, especially from dropping on concrete floors.  Careful handling can help to retain the stylish looks of the product. Another drawback of the USB-c external SSD is that it is neither waterproof nor dustproof like generally found in other similar products.

The performance of the dive meets all expectations according to the numerical tests.  The Seagate external SSD lives up to its promise of providing write speeds up to 1GBps and read speed up to 1.05GBps.  The file transfer speed of 17.6 seconds for a 10 GB file is just a shade faster than the OneTouch.

There is nothing to complain about as the device does not get warm during use, but the short length of the Bundled cable can cause unhappiness.

Who should Buy the Device?

Those who value aesthetics and are looking for a long-lasting SSD should not hesitate to buy the Lacie 2 TB SSD. Even those keen to enjoy the protection of the data recovery services would find the device worth buying.

The product is not for cost-conscious buyers who look for cheaper products.

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