A Review On Amazon Smart Thermostat

There are more sophisticated smart thermostats available, but the clever Thermostat from Amazon earns an extra credit score due to its intuitive layout. There are no speakers or remote sensors with this thermostat, instead, its primary focus is on adjusting to your schedule.

If Alexa predicts the lights in your house should be turned off, she will turn them off. By automating the process, Alexa is now able to adjust the temperature in your home at night or when you are away from it. Having granular control over the thermostat can also feel like a limitation to many people. However, for a primary-time user, a clever thermostat could make growing comfy indoor surroundings a great deal easier.

The Smart Thermostat from Amazon evaluates other features for just $59, in comparison to different smart thermostats from Nest and Ecobee which are lots greater steeply-priced.

amazon's smart thermostat


  • Affordably priced
  • An attractive design


  • No support for remote sensors
  • Compatible only with Alexa

Price And Supplies

You can purchase the Smart Thermostat from Amazon for $59.99 now. When you don’t have a C-Wire, which powers thermostats without batteries, Amazon bundles a Honeywell Home adapter for $74.9.

smart thermostat


The Smart Thermostat from Amazon is appealing to consumers because they are simple, and they are square, like the Ecobee Smart Thermostats. Despite the fact that it’s even more subtle than the Honeywell domestic T9 smart thermostat, Amazon said it partnered with Resideo (Honeywell home) to create the tool. When the thermostat is turned on, a visible LED display appears.

A large font appears on Amazon’s smart thermostat so that the temperature is displayed like a digital clock. Reset the thermostat by clicking either up or down arrows. Click on the circle between the arrows to activate or deactivate the thermostat (heating, cooling, ventilation, or automatic).  Fingerprints are easily concealed by the white color of the device because it has no buttons.

amazon's thermostat

The thermostat is protected from damage by a faceplate. The Amazon Smart Thermostat’s low price isn’t sacrificed for aesthetics since Nest charges $15 for a faceplate.

Smart Home Features And Connectivity

Smart Thermostats from Amazon work similarly to Nest Thermostats, which sell for $129 each. While Nest Learning Thermostat offers motion detection and temperature sensors, Amazon’s thermostat does not. The fact that different thermostats cannot be set independently for different zones is odd, but it is possible. If you have an Amazon Echo (4th Gen) with a temperature sensor, you can set some temperature-based activities if you know how to set up an Alexa smart home routine.

Alexa Hunches can be used in conjunction with Amazon Smart Thermostats. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat doesn’t have Alexa, but its virtual assistant sits at the center of everything it does. Your interaction with Alexa devices in your home enables Alexa to make educated guesses as to your location. The Smart Thermostat of Amazon knows when to adjust the temperature according to your preferences after you set your preferred temperatures.

amazon smart thermostat

Amazon’s Smart Thermostat raised the temperature slightly before everyone went to sleep to make up for the overnight chill. Unless you want your thermostat to adjust without your knowledge, you can turn off automatic actions.

You can use any of the top Alexa speakers whenever you want a change to be made. Alexa’s app also allows you to set a specific temperature, schedule tasks, and access energy consumption information.

amazon smart thermostat with app

Currently, I’ve only talked about the Amazon Smart Thermostat, which only works with Alexa. Smart thermostats from Ecobee feature Siri support, unlike Nest thermostats that are compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. The thermostat is exclusive for Alexa families, so you will not have any problem if you are an Alexa family.

The Verdict

It is easy to recommend the Amazon Smart Thermostat due to its value. Smart thermostats aren’t more affordable than $59 per year. With Alexa, you can automate and make adjustments hands-free, so it can even function as a dumb thermostat.

amazon smart thermostat with alexa support

It never occurred to me that the Amazon Smart Thermostat would need a microphone or speaker – many best smart home devices already have built-in features of Alexa, so I wouldn’t hold it against it. Nevertheless, I wish it supported remote sensors. Anyone who lives in a larger space with noticeable temperature discrepancies should probably consider the Ecobee smart thermostat or Nest Learning Thermostat v3, but both of those thermostats are considerably more expensive. While the two devices serve virtually the same function, their price is more than twice that of the Amazon model. As far as value goes, Amazon’s Smart Thermostat is the clear winner.

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