Remarkable Tablet 2 Review – A New Gadget To Replace Notebook

The remarkable 2 tablet is a smart notebook that looks like paper and takes one away from the screen. This product seems like it wants to replace paper and pen in the future. This stylish product is an e-ink on a tablet and is particularly useful for those users who find themselves surrounded by stacks of files, notebooks, and papers. The product allows one to clear the clutter on the table, which they could not do before, and replace it with a sleek and thin tablet that works for weeks with a single charge. The remarkable 2 release date was in March  2020, and to date, more than 100,000  units have been sold out.

Significant features of Remarkable 2

For many, the remarkable 2  is a simple tablet on which one can write on. But it is only after using it that one will realize that it is much more. After using it for a month, one will put away all the notepads and pens to the drawers. One can use the remarkable 2 as a regular e-reader to check PDFs or read books or use the stylus to annotate documents.

One can create an unlimited number of notebooks, each with a unique searchable name. One can have a remarkable notebook for a to-do list, another one for meetings, one for ideas, and so on. This feature helps save time as one does not have to stop going around searching page after page.  Each notebook or page can have its template, and one can use lined, grid, or blank page formats.

One can customize the writing implement. There is also a pencil that can scratch lines on the page. Highlighters for amending documents and calligraphy pens to make things posh.  One can also select, enlarge, rotate and erase sketches like how it is done in the photo editing app.

One excellent feature is that one can convert written notes into texts. It may not be accurate, but it is helpful if one is in a hurry and does not want to type.  The flexibility of sharing the handwritten notes on remarkable 2 tablets on email and storing them in the cloud to view the notes anywhere when one needs it is an added advantage.

Remarkable 2 tablet review – summary

This is an original piece of technology that comes with a costly price tag.


  • Simple and   neat design
  • Paper and pen feel like
  • Options for moving and sharing files
  • Brilliant templates
  • Useful organizing features
  • Product guarantee


  • Price on the higher side
  • Some features subscriber base
  • A stylus is available at an extra price
  • The nib’s stylus wears out and needs replacement regularly.

Design of Remarkable 2 tablet

The build of this tablet is pressure-sensitive, where one can make the lines thin or thick. The surface of the screen and the nib is designed in such a way that it gives a feeling of friction when writing with a pen on paper.

The frame of the tablet is slim but robust.  Though a bit laborious, it has a simple interface when using the keyboard to name the documents or search for them.

The tablet is charged via a USB-C lasts for a couple of weeks. There are additional accessories available to protect the remarkable 2 tablets while traveling.

Usage  – Remarkable 2 vs iPad

One of the effects of using a remarkable tablet is that its designs and features allow one to remove clutter from the workstation and distractions from one’s work. One might wonder why one should go for a remarkable tablet when one can use an iPad.  The answer is simple.  After one does a review of remarkable 2, the distracting feature of iPads becomes prominent. One can easily get distracted by checking social media. So, if one wants to organize their thoughts and work with complete focus, the iPad should be avoided.  In a world full of distractions, the remarkable tablet is different from other gadgets.

Another good aspect of a remarkable tablet is that it takes care of the nostalgia using pen and paper. Nowadays, the keyboard has replaced the pen and the traditional writing styles. The remarkable tablet allows one to get a simple pleasure back – the mechanical feel of putting pen to paper. While other tablets use glassy screens that are slippery, this gadget is close to the physical touch that a pen provides.

The Verdict

The remarkable 2 tablet helps one to be paper-free and yet does a voluminous job perfectly. The price is eyebrow-raising for the tablet with accessories. Overall, apart from the price tag, the remarkable 2 tablets 2 tablet is indeed impressive.

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