Christmas Decorating Ideas 2021 – Make Your Space Special

Christmas is a time of joy and festivity. It’s the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who came to save us from death and to give us eternal life with Him in heaven. One thing that stands out about Christmas is how it has evolved over time. The rich meaning, we find in the celebration also comes from its history and traditions, which have been passed on from generation to generation. One tradition we see today is that of giving gifts at Christmas to loved ones along with many others. One of the best parts about Christmas is all the decorations. Sure, you can go to any department store and buy them, but there’s something special about making your own. Plus, handmade decorations are just plain fun!

Christmas House Decoration Ideas

  • Sweater Christmas Tree

sweater christmas tree

If you have an old sweater with which you don’t know what to do, then here is a great idea for you. It is fun to make and quite an innovative idea for Christmas home decoration. To make these cute little and colorful Christmas trees, all you need is an old sweater, cone-shaped cardboard, and some glue. Now cut long and thin slices from the sweater. Then take the cone-shaped cupboard and stick the sweater pieces by folding them. Completely cover the cone-shaped cupboard and then add a cute little star on top of the tree.

  • Stitched Stockings

stitched stockings

Stitching is a great hobby and during this time of the holidays, it is a perfect time to showcase your hobby through home decoration. Stitching can be used in many ways for decoration and one of those ways is stitched stockings. Hanging stockings for Christmas is one of the oldest traditions of this festival. It is believed that at night Santa is going to fill those stockings with various gifts. So, to receive more gifts, make stitch bigger and customize stockings at home. This would be cost-effective and handmade crafts are always better than store-bought ones. These will be colorful and also can be used for many other purposes later.

  • Homemade Scented Candles

home made scented candles

Making homemade personalized scented candles is now one of the trendy DIY activities. Also, it will be a great idea for home decoration this Christmas season. In order to make some interesting scented candles for this holiday season, all you need is clear wax, some colors, natural scents, and molds. If you do not have molds then you can make it in any jar or cup. First, melt the wax and add your preferable colors and scents. Then pour it into a mold or any jar or cup. And don’t forget to add a thick cotton cord before pouring the wax. Then let it sit for 24 hours. You will get a great and colorful homemade scented candle.

  • Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Popsickle stick snowflakes

We all love to eat popsicle so it won’t be that hard to collect popsicle stick the whole year to make these gorgeous decorations for Christmas. Rather than just wasting your popsicle stick, just save them for these creative crafts. In order to make these beautiful snowflake decorations, all you need is uncountable popsicle sticks, colors, and glue. Now just paint the popsicle sticks and not just only with white, you can be creative as much as possible with the colors. It does not matter if the snowflakes are not white. Creativity has no limit. And after that give them various snowflake shapes and then stick them together with glue.

All these above-mentioned ideas for Christmas decoration are for indoor house decoration. It is also important to decorate the outside of your home. It will glow up your home and will give a special holiday and joyful feeling to the passers-by.

Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Decorations

  • Jumbo Yard Ornaments

Jumbo yard ornaments

If you have a big yard or wide space in front of your home, then it is a great outdoor decorative idea for you. And not only great, but it is also quite easy to do. All you need is large ornaments for Christmas. The more colorful and sparkly they are, the more effective it is for you. Just spread all the ornaments in a manner that when someone will look, they will think all the beautiful ornaments are scattered in the yard. But will scatter them in an organized and beautiful way.

  • 3D Foldable Lighted Spheres

3D foldable lighted sphere

It is one of the innovative decorative ideas to make the outdoor of your home more attractive and beautiful this Christmas. These large 3D foldable lighted spheres are easily available on Amazon or in any electric shop during this Christmas season. Also, these are also easy to assemble and put back together to save for next year’s decoration.

  • Snow-Flocked Christmas Trees

Snowflocked Christmas tree

To make the outdoor passage more attractive and beautiful, these snow-flocked Christmas trees are the best option for outdoor decoration. These cute little Christmas trees are easily available at any shopping mall or any shop during this time of the holidays. Or, as discussed above, a homemade sweater Christmas tree also can be used for this outdoor decoration. All you need to do is to add some extra sparkles and snow on top of the tree and if possible then also add some lightings on it.

  • Pathway Lanterns

Pathway Lanterns

It is one of the classy and beautiful outdoor home decoration ideas for this Christmas, specifically for the evening and nighttime. Add beautiful and decorative lanterns in front of your door and in your yard to make it more attractive. If you want you can also decorate inside of your lantern with small ornaments and sparkles. At Christmas sparkle cannot be ever enough for any decoration. So, add a little sparkle. On the other hand, if a lantern is too much for you, then you can also light up some candles and decorate the front pathway of your home. It will look mesmerizing and magical, just like the aura of Christmas.

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