Best Chimney For Modular Kitchen

It can be difficult to cook when you are surrounded by the unbearable smell of spices and smoke. With a chimney, you can add some charm to your kitchenette while also enhancing your cooking experience without smoke.

Are you looking for a chimney that can fit into your modular kitchen? For your modular kitchen, you can’t simply buy any chimney, as that will not do the job. Unless you use the right kind of chimney, the modules of cabinets in modular kitchens can get damaged by oil stains and smoke particles. By using the most advanced modular chimneys, the damage can be easily avoided.


Featured in this article are a number of products that will not only keep your kitchen cool but also enhance its sense of sophistication. All of these products are budget-friendly and trusted by their users. This article is just right for you if you are wondering to buy the best chimney for modular kitchens.

Top 3 Chimney For Modular Kitchen

When looking for the best chimney for a modular kitchen, you may come across a wide range of products that will just confuse you further. Therefore, we have created a list of the best chimneys for household purposes in order to end this confusion. The following products are completely reliable since this list has been compiled after using different types of chimneys for more than a year.

In addition, you need to think about your cooking style, your budget, whether or not you need a filterless chimney, the level of maintenance you can provide, and the suction power of your chimney. Additionally, you need to consider the Chimney’s size to ensure that it will fit easily into your kitchen. All of these factors have been considered before making our list.

Therefore, let’s get to the products without wasting more time.

  • Faber 90 Cm
FABER 90 cm


  • It has no maintenance costs since it is filterless
  • Noiseless operation
  • Oil and smoke are kept away by high suction power
  • Easy to use


  • Installation fees apply
  • Services after the sale could be improved

Faber is one of the most popular chimney brands. It manufactures high-quality chimneys that last longer than other products at the same price. The vacuum cleaner is an easy way for you to remove oil and dust from your well-furnished kitchen and prevent any damage.

When the kitchen light is out, LED lamps help illuminate the hob area and help you cook. LED lamps consume little energy, so they are easy to use.

Faber chimneys are filterless, so cleaning filters is not necessary. It requires minimal maintenance. Additionally, Auto-cleaning makes your life much easier. One-touch is all it takes. All you need is a single touch, and you are done. Nevertheless, you should clean the oil collector every six months, so that it can be repurposed. There is a low level of noise, and its powerful motor ensures excellent performance.

  • Elica 60 Cm


  • Budget-friendly
  • Low-noise operation
  • Cleaning is easy.


  • Installation is costly

Elica manufactures kitchen chimneys with a commitment to excellence and performance. With regards to this 60 cm chimney, it is an ideal product for anyone seeking good quality at a low price. It might not have all of the latest technological features, but this Chimney is an effective way to remove dust and oil.

Unless you cook with too much oil and spices, it may be your perfect match, as its suction capacity of 880 m3/hr is sufficient to remove moderate amounts of smoke and oil. A cassette filter is also present, which is very easy to clean. The kitchen air is filtered by these layered metal filters.

A push-button controls this chimney, making it easy to operate. Push buttons are definitely easier to use than touch panels. Nevertheless, this is a very simple method and provides a convenient cooking experience. The LED lamps light up the cooking area and also, provide the exact amount of light while consuming very little power.

In terms of design, it has a retro appearance that appeals to those who want a traditional setup in their kitchen. All in all, a good machine at a low price, with all the basic features.

  • Alstom Sonet 90 Cm


  • Less space is occupied by the tilted design
  • Even at maximum suction speed, it is very silent


  • Low-height kitchens are not recommended
  • The price is a bit high

It is a tilted chimney. You should choose a tilted chimney over a hood chimney if your stove is close to the wall and the ceiling of your kitchen is low-fixed. This Chimney has a primarily black design, which looks good in any modular kitchen environment. There was a massive suction limit on this chimney, 2000m3/h. Small to medium-sized kitchens with 2-4 gas burners will be able to use this amount.

Even at maximum suction, the noise level is only 58dB. A filterless chimney does not need to be cleaned regularly. You can, however, simply wipe it once after every use so that it lasts for the longest time. The cooking area is illuminated with two eco-friendly LED lights for better visibility.

The auto-clean feature of this Chimney means that it will heat the inside of the Chimney when it is in use, melting all the grease and oil particles inside, collecting them in a separate oil collector that can be cleaned. This chimney has touch controls and motion sensors, which are the most advanced features in its class. In addition to the 1-year overall warranty, the motor has a 5-year warranty.

chimney review


The final word that we would like to say is that these chimneys are perfect if you are looking for an excellent chimney for your modular kitchen in terms of suction capacity & motor power. Once the Chimney is installed, you can completely relax about the maintenance of your kitchen. Prior to selecting a chimney, consider its size, filter, and suction power to determine whether it’s appropriate for your cooking style. It is important to analyze your kitchen space and budget before making a final decision.

This concludes this article. Thank you for reading it, and we hope you found it helpful.

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