Thanksgiving DIY Crafts

Thanksgiving is the start of holidays that brings all family members and close ones together to start our holidays with a sense of thankfulness and a joyful environment. Thanksgiving means eating home-cooked foods and having fun with everyone. For the fun part, a whole lot of ideas are there such as playing games and decorating the house. The beautiful and mesmerizing decoration of the house gives the perfect feeling of the holidays. And Thanksgiving means making various themed arts and crafts with everyone. Making crafts with everyone is really fun and an easy task to do. Especially, making Thanksgiving paper crafts is also a quite good idea for a fun activity to be involved with everyone. Here are some amazing Thanksgiving art ideas.

Thanksgiving crafts decoration ideas

  • Cupcake Owl

Cupcake Owl Paper crafts

One of the cutest craft decorations which are perfect for Thanksgiving. It is very cute as well as easy to make as much as you want. All you need is some colorful cupcake wrappers, some crayons, color pens, and cute googly eyes in whatever size you want. Cut the cupcake wrappers in half, then decorate them with colors. After that fold both sides and then the top of the wrapper. It will form a shape of an owl. Stick them together will glue. Then at the top stick googly eyes. Make little and cute triangles to include them as their beak.

  • Pie-slice Garland

Pie-slice Garland

Pie is one of the favorite desserts for any occasion, either its the holidays or for any housewarming party. Everyone loves pie. So why not make a decoration which just looks like a pie. You can make these pie-slice garlands with colorful paper or some colorful clothes. Whatever is convenient for you. Now take pieces of paper or clothes and then cut them in sizes just you cut your pies, in a triangle shape. Then decorate these triangles as per your choice. You can make it simple or as colorful as you want. Then take a piece of thin rope and stick all these pie shapes papers cuttings together to make a garland.

  • Turkeys with Toilet Paper Roll

Turkeys with Toilet Paper Roll

With this decoration idea, you will be doing both, recycling as well as making a cute turkey. All you need is colorful paper, cute googly eyes, and toilet paper rolls. First, cut some colorful papers into leaf shapes, which will use as feathers of the turkey. Then cut a little triangle for the beak and two little cute feet shapes for the legs. Then color the toilet paper rolls with any color of your choice. Then stick the leaf-shaped papers on one of the toilet paper rolls. Then stick the googly eyes on the opposite side. They add the beak and legs accordingly.

  • Leafy Friends

Leafy Friends Thanksgiving DIY Crafts

Another fun decoration idea through which you also will be able to have fun with nature. All leaves from fall, now we can do something fun with them this Thanksgiving. Collect as many leaves as you want, and in various shapes. Now if you want to color your leaves you can do that, or else just leave them as they are with their natural color and decorate them with funny faces and or turn some of them into fishes or anything that you want. It is a great activity to let the kids do as well as it is also a fun activity for adults.

  • Craft Stick Scarecrow

Craft Stick Scarecrow

If you are bored with normal and basic scarecrows then it is the perfect decoration idea for you for this Thanksgiving. All you need is some sticks which you can collect either by eating ice-creams or collecting them from any nearby art and craft stores. Then you need a pair of cute googly eyes, some paints, glue, and a black marker pen. Now add the sticks together with the help of glue and make it as big as you want. After that, all you need to do is paint your scarecrow in whatever way you like, add googly eyes and then draw nose and mouth with the color and marker pen.

  • Paper Bag Turkey

Paper Bag Turkey

Another fun idea is to make a turkey with paper for Thanksgiving decoration. For making this paper bag turkey, all you need is a paper bag, pair of googly eyes, and colorful fake feathers. Now add the googly eyes at the bottom of the paper bag and fold it. After that add the colorful feathers back of the folded bottom to make it looks like the feathers of a turkey. Then for the beak, you can use simple crayons or colorful paper to make it.

  • Rocks and Leaves Painting

Rocks and Leaves Painting

Another fun idea is to make something creative out of nature for this Thanksgiving decoration. collect a few cute little stones and various shaped leaves. Then bring some beautiful colors and brushes to paint these leaves and stones. Also, you can add pine cones with these leaves and stones. After coloring them nicely, you can add some beautiful and Thanksgiving-themed messages. It is a great idea to decorate your tea table as well as your dining table during the Thanksgiving dinner party.

  • Owl Handprint

Owl Handprint

It is maybe the best cutest home decoration idea for your home this Thanksgiving. For making these cute owls for your decoration all you need is some paper and colorful fake feathers. Now cut the papers into your hand shape. And till now we used store brought googly eyes, but for this, we will make it with paper. Just cut white paper in a big circle and then small and very little rounds of black paper. Stick the black circles on the big white ones and your googly eyes are ready. Now add your feathers on the little finger and thumb. Then add your eyes and beak. The cutest owls are ready for decoration.

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