Best TV Mount of 2021

Getting the best tv wall mount is a good and quick way to upgrade one’s home theatre instead of buying a new TV. A TV mount is an important but overlooked part of any home theatre. It provides better viewing angles, increases viewing comfort, and improves safety.

There are plenty of options for wall mounting a TV – tilting, fixed mounts, articulating arms, and options in different price ranges. The best tv wall mount will depend upon your TV; with a variety of choices, there is a TV mount that works best for everybody. This tv mount buying guide will help one find the best one for their room.

5 best TV mount of this year!

  • Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount EGLF2

Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount EGLF2

This is a dual-arm articulated mount that is flexible. It works with TV sizes ranging from 42 inches to 90 inches and can support a weight of 125 pounds — good enough for almost all current TVs.  It extends  22 inches from the wall, moves up to 130 degrees, and tilt at 15 degrees, thus allowing one to get the best viewing angle from different seating locations—the EGLF2 works with VESA patterns that range from 200 x 100 to 600 x 400 millimeters. The one disadvantage is its 2.4 inches protruding from the wall when collapsed.

  • Sanus Advanced Full-Motion Premium TV Mount BLF328

Sanus Advanced Full-Motion Premium TV Mount BLF328

This mount is suitable for premium TVs.  If one has spent a substantial amount on the TV, then one may want a full-motion tv wall mount that matches the quality of the screen. Sanus BLF328 is more expensive than any other TV mount; it looks and feels better. The brushed metal construction comes in charcoal and stainless-steel color that helps to match the décor. It extends a full 28 inches and collapses to 2.15 inches. It has the flexibility to swivel 57 degrees to either side and tilts 15 degrees, as well. With those options, one can find an ideal viewing angle in most situations. The BLF328 supports TVs of different sizes and can take weight up to 125 pounds.

  • Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount MD2268-LK

Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount MD2268-LK

This is a popular and inexpensive TV mount unit. It can handle Tv sizes ranging from 37-70 inches. One does not have to spend a lot on this model when looking for the advantages of a tilting TV mount. The MD2268-LK has plenty of features and good value for money, and it is for these reasons that it is the best tv mount selling on Amazon. One can adjust the tilt of the mounted TV to 8 degrees to get the right viewing angle. It is just 1.5 inches from the wall, keeping out of the way, has release straps to make it easier for one to get behind the TV to access the ports. It can hold 132 pounds; this mount works with almost all TV models.

  • Rocket fish Tilting TV Wall Mount RF-TVMLPT03V3

Rocket fish Tilting TV Wall Mount RF-TVMLPT03V3

The TVMLPT03V3 is a tilt-type Tv mount and can handle Tv sizes from 32 to 75 inches. Though it is a little expensive, it is the best wall mount for 75-inch tv and useful when one is watching in a bright room and needs to tilt the Tv down to reduce the glare from lights or sun. It can also improve the viewing angle if the TVs are mounted higher than the ideal. The Rocket fish TVMLPT03V3 model tilts 10 degrees down and 5 degrees up, giving a viewer plenty of angles to play with. It can handle a weight of  130 pounds of weight and has a low profile of 2 inches. It is compatible with VESA patterns up to 700 x 400 millimeters.

  • Sinus Classic Fixed Position TV Wall Mount ML11

Sinus Classic Fixed Position TV Wall Mount ML11

This tv wall mount is low profile and does not tilt. If one wants a fixed position Tv that protrudes just 1 inch from the wall, then this is the right model.  The ML11 can handle just TV sizes from 37 to 80 inches and supports a large variety of VESA patterns. The Sanus M11 has a weight capacity of 130 pounds, and one needn’t worry about cracking under pressure.


The best tv wall mount Tv mounts are affordable and suitable for ergonomics, cost less than a Tv stand, and if one is looking for a larger Tv that the current furniture cannot support.

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