Best Ebooks Apps In 2021

Choosing the right eBook reader app (also known as an eReader) can be challenging. Ebooks come in a wide range of formats, and then there are different types of books (novels, comics, etc) that complicate the whole experience. You can use any phone or tablet to read eBooks with the right app, however.

Aside from that, technology seems to have stagnated a bit. Instead of dedicated e-readers, you can now read everything on your phone or tablet, from books to articles to comics. Besides Apple Books and Google Play Books, there are specialized reading apps that add extra features, such as highly configurable settings, support for odd formats, and read-all-you-can subscriptions. There are more than a dozen excellent ebook apps, including a convenient all-in-one eReader Marketplace, and a feature-packed and customizable standalone reader, as well as subscription-based services that offer unlimited reading.

Here Are The Best Ebook Apps Available Today

1. Kindle


Kindle is Amazon’s multiplatform e-book juggernaut, offering a marketplace, reader, and library management tool. From free classics to the latest bestsellers, the Kindle store has more than one million titles. Displays that are customizable let you change font size, brightness, and other settings. You can also sync your last page read, bookmarks, highlights, and notes across devices and platforms with Kindle.

The Kindle app is best known for its Kindle Unlimited service. Users of the Kindle device can access thousands of audiobooks and e-books for a monthly fee. In general, the Kindle provides excellent usability and legibility, as well as value, variety, and value for money.

Download Kindle: Android, Ios

2. Realm


It used to be called Serial Box, but changing its name to Realm didn’t change the app’s approach to storytelling. The Realm app offers short, episodic content in bite-sized chunks, so you don’t have to invest in a full-length audiobook. The Realm installments are just about the perfect length for those who have resumed commuting. There is a wide range of options – drama, fantasy, sci-fi, and more.

The first episode is usually free, and subsequent installments cost $1.99 each. A season pass offers discounts on the full version as well as text and audio versions of a story. Featuring “The Witch Who Came in From The Cold“, “Bookburners” and “Tremontaine“, and a highly configurable reader and audiobook player mode, Realm is an interesting take on digital books.

Download Realm: Android, iOS

3. Scribd


Despite Amazon’s bragging of its Unlimited program, it was not the first to offer an unlimited access program for books. Scribd offers unlimited ebook access, which has been compared to “Netflix for books.”

Scribd offers a library of more than 500,000 books from 900-plus publishers covering a variety of subjects. The app offers a customizable display, curated editorial collections, personalized recommendations based on your reading history, and offline book downloads.

Scribd is available on both Android and iOS

4. Tireader


You can use tiReader as a universal iOS ebook reader for consuming all of your DRM-free ebooks, audiobooks, and digital comics. Among the formats it supports are eBooks, PDFs, CBRs, CBZs, photos, and archives. You can customize your reader to include bookmarks, annotation tools, night mode, library management, search filters, and cross-platform syncing.

You can also store ebooks in the cloud with tiReader, as well as access public ebook libraries and public domain books with OPDS. You can try out this top ebooks app with a library of up to five documents for free (you can delete files if you want to add more books). You can buy tiReader unlimited for $4.99 in the app store.

TiReader for iOS is available for download.

5. Madefire Comics & Motion Books


Like other comic readers, Madefire provides access to enough comics to choke Galactus. A few of them move, and some add 3D elements and audio to create an atmospheric effect. There are no cartoons here – you get traditional panel layouts. There are elements in the image that transition in a way that draws your eye. This allows you to take everything in at a slower pace. Action is accompanied by rumbles and dark music in movies like Hellboy, or iconic sounds of transformation in Transformers. Although it may seem like a trick, you’re unlikely to be distracted from reading your favorite comics. Nonetheless, Madefire is well worth checking out as an example of a different approach to comic storytelling.

Makefire is available on Android and iOS


These days, a lot of ebook reader apps are curated lists of the best ones on the market. However, not all eBook reader apps provide the same advantages. Check out popular ebook reader apps if you’re looking for an app that’s free, easy to use, and doesn’t require clunky books and magazines. Using this app, you can access all your favorite books right from your phone without any additional charges!

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