The Best Christmas Cards for 2021

As the 2021 Christmas season approaches, it is time for celebrations and gatherings. During Christmas, people spend time together, go out and have fun, and the family dinners that make a lot of memories.

One of the essential things during Christmas is to be with your family and spend Christmas with them. Now there might be a lot of family members who you cannot meet at the same time. Every year, sending Christmas cards to your family members is not only a matter of courtesy but a reminder that you think of them and miss them.

When it comes to Christmas postcards, you can find two kinds of people. The ones to whom these postcards matter, who work on sending the cards months before Christmas to family members worldwide, and then there are the others who think about the postcard a week before Christmas. They find an old family photo and stick it to the Christmas card one week before and quickly send the photo cards.

For both of the above situations, it is important to know websites that can deliver the best photo holiday cards to you earliest. Let us see the features of some of the best Christmas card sites. 

Best online sites to buy holiday cards

1. Rifle Paper Co 

Rifle Paper Co 

holiday cards shouldn’t be boring in their looks. They should have designs that can catch the eye and make you feel happy. Rifle Paper Co is an excellent website to buy cards from, especially for great designs and aesthetics. Be it custom holiday cards or the usual ones; they deliver the best designs to you regardless. Individual cards are available at $5, and boxes of eight cards would be around $20. The cards also provide you with a blank space to write a personal note to your family or friends.

2. Minted Gold Foil Cards 

Minted Gold Foil Cards 

if you have to send a best friend Christmas card to your friend who’s far away from you in another country, make the card memorable by adding a gold foil to it. Minted Gold Foil cards are shiny and bright and can instantly bring a smile to your face. You can find other options, such as red, black, green, blue, and more. You can also have customized card sets available for $57 and more.

3. Vistaprint 


For your custom photo cards, Vistaprint offers you great templates that you can choose from, including the text, colors, photos. In terms of design, you can look at what color suits the card the best, along with different aesthetic options. Per card would be available at $1.85, which means that you also get holiday cards at a very reasonable price along with getting holiday cards that you like. Go through many templates that will help you make your ideal Christmas greeting card only through Vistaprint.

4. Shutterfly


For your Christmas postcards, you can have different formats of cards along with additional materials through Shutterfly. You can find flat, folded, or tri-folded cards along with different styles such as vintage, rustic and other designs. With the best level of paper quality, you will also find a top level of professionalism from Shutterfly as they help you customize your cards as per your needs. You can buy the cards for as little as $.79 to $3. These are the most budget-friendly cards that you will find all year.

5. Zazzle


Zazzle provides your holiday cards with a twist. You will the best and most varied vintage Christmas cards on Zazzle. These include cards with classic characters and colors on the card that are vintage such as red and golden. Bringing back nostalgia with their cards, you can purchase them for as little as $.35. Providing different and unique cards, the Christmas Cards by Zazzle will remind you of Christmas in the earlier days, which will bring a smile to your face. This Christmas season, buy your Christmas card from Zazzle and relive the nostalgia.

These are some of the best online websites that will help you buy the best Christmas cards for your families this Christmas season. You can choose the design and customize the cards as per your needs. More importantly, these cards are budget-friendly as well, so hurry up and grab your Christmas cards!

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