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With the help of Google Translate, an incredible smartphone translation program, you can read and speak in up to 90 languages. With translations via text, text recognition, and even translated text and phrases audio, the application goes beyond the conventional functions of a phrasebook. This app is an excellent travel companion when you’re traveling to a place that doesn’t speak your language, especially since more capabilities are available offline.

Select your preferred language

Before you begin translating, inform Google of the languages that need to be translated, such as French to English or Spanish to English. Since it supports 80+ languages, including the Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, and Hindi languages, you will surely find what you want. The German, Italian and Portuguese languages are also supported.

Once you have entered a word or phrase, the application will translate it for you, displaying the translated text below what you have written on the screen. You may listen to, copy and store a translation in a digital phrasebook by taping on the symbol to synchronize multiple devices.

You may also write a word or phrase on the touch screen using the Android application. The program recognizes and translates your written language. There is limited room on the screen for you to input your words, so once you’ve completed one, press the spacebar to go on to the next vacant spot and finish your sentence. Following completion, you will be able to read the whole translation and listen to it being pronounced.

The accent of speech

A beautiful new feature known as Conversation mode has recently been added to Google Translate, which was previously unavailable. It makes it possible for two or more people to have a free-flowing back-and-forth discussion where they can speak normally while the program listens and understands what they are saying. You won’t even have to touch the screen to keep speaking, since the computer will recognize you and interpret the phrase, then repeat it out. It’s almost as though you’re sitting next to a human translator who is translating for you.

The program recognizes the language being spoken and converts it to the language of your choice. It also supports several languages. Before you begin speaking, firstly, you must choose between two languages to be translated on the app. After that, press the microphone button to begin a discussion. Allow the software to recognize and translate your words by speaking a sentence in one of the languages listed.

Although the conversation mode looks to be a natural fit in a real-life interaction, it does have some disadvantages. Rarely, the app either doesn’t listen to both languages or starts hearing too fast and finds words it doesn’t need. Aside from that, because the translations are so precise, colloquial vocabulary and slang are difficult to convey accurately.

Word finder

Word Lens, which overlays sign translations and other printed information, is one of Google Translates most exciting features. Just tap the camera icon of the app and direct the camera of your phone to the text.

You’ll see a translation of what it says in real-time into your chosen language. The text can also be scanned and each word marked to be translated into your phrasebook. This is the best with printed signs such as on streets and shops. The camera has difficulty seeing small and huge handwritten types and the original word was often lost or mistranslated.

Now that it can be used without an internet connection, Word Lens is significantly more useful. The greatest negative is that only in a few languages can it be accessed at present: French and English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. 

Different add-ons

In addition to the star features, Translate offers several other choices that aid. The application maintains a translation history and enables users to mark each translation for future usage (even when offline).

Text-to-speech output is available for several languages and can be beneficial for unfamiliar telephones. Finally, all text exchanges can be handled quickly via the SMS translation feature. In total, there are several extras, all advantageous.

The program also enables users to download offline language packages to get translations even if they are not connected to the internet. This function is highly beneficial because travel without an international telephone plan is still frequent.

These language packs are pretty heavy (depending on what you have seen, from 150MB to 300MB), but the feature they deliver is worthwhile. Be aware that you must first download both languages for work translations.

It should be noted, that while you are completely linked to the Internet, these language packages are not as expensive as online databases. However, they appear to be enough for the fundamental translations visitors may desire. Offline translations in virtually all app languages are available today.

My Experience

It’s hard to beat Google translate. The free program always helps you to communicate in different languages and has many different functions.

Word Lens is still a finishing touch, but with street signs and other printed text, it’s a good job. Talk mode is similar to the one of a personal interpreter, even if it is far from ideal. This program is essential for anybody who travels or has to engage with someone who speaks a new language, despite its weaknesses.

Google Translate, overall, is one of the easiest translation tools available, covering more than 90 languages and providing a range of input possibilities. This software is now even more difficult to derail, with extra capabilities and greater offline support.

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Google Translate - Translation Without DifficultyWith the help of Google Translate, an incredible smartphone translation program, you can read and speak in up to 90 languages. With translations via text, text recognition, and even translated text and phrases audio, the application goes beyond the conventional functions of a phrasebook....