The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 Is Better Than Others But Not The Best

In the last decade, Lenovo has been one of the leading companies providing the best tech devices worldwide. Some of them include top-level laptops, cell phones, TVs, and now their latest product is the Lenovo Smart Clock.

One of the best things about a smart clock is that you can see the time, but you can also hear that from the assistant built inside. Now there have also been other brands that have used this feature before, including Amazon and Google. Still, the Lenovo Smart Clock is stylish and compact in terms of its display. Take a look below at this Lenovo smart clock review to understand the device better.

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Review – The Lenovo Smart Clock 2

  • As mentioned before, the Lenovo Smart Clock is compact and small, and light in terms of its weight.
  • Along with the time, you will see other information on the screen, such as the weather forecast of the week and the current temperature. This can also work via speaking. If you ask the day’s temperature, the clock will continue showing you the time and the maximum and minimum temperature of the day.
  • The Lenovo Alarm Clock has a feature called the “Sunrise Alarm,” which helps you wake up easily in the morning. Thirty minutes before the alarm goes off, this feature slowly starts the device, so the screen brightens gradually and not in a flash.
  • Even though you will not find a built-in camera for video calls which you might find in the other smart devices, the Lenovo smart clock is one of the cheapest and most reasonable smart devices available at the moment.
  • You will also find that you can play music on the smart clock. Be it Spotify, Apple Music, or Youtube, you can play your favorite songs through this device.
  • Another factor missing here is that even though there is a good compact screen available, there is no way for you to watch video services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.


The final verdict of the Lenovo smart alarm clock is that it is compact in nature, great in terms of its primary function, which is telling the time and setting alarms; it can also let you play your favorite music. The disadvantage here is that you cannot watch tv shows on it. This is a smart device with an assistant that you can put anywhere in the house and it is very reasonable in terms of its price. It is currently valued at $79.99 and would not disappoint you with this price tag.

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User Experience of Lenovo Smart Clock 2 

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2‘s most recent model comes with added features compared to the first version. Let’s take a look.

  • As compact as it was before, its design is still one of its best features that makes it visually appealing. Now you can buy the Smart Clock 2 in different colors such as black, grey and blue. One of the new and more important features is that now you can charge the Smart Clock wirelessly.
  • The Smart Clock 2 also has a new feature: the Night Light feature. There will be a yellow light at night that will light up below the device at the base. The assistant in the device is still of great quality as it responds immediately.
  • This device, like its predecessor, cannot stream video services which remains one of the biggest cons. At the same time, you cannot video call either, and there is still no built-in microphone that can allow you to make calls. To add, the Lenovo Smart Clock is valued at $90, which seems to be a bit expensive for an alarm clock that can talk.
  • The final verdict is that even though some new features and colors have been added to the second version of the Lenovo Smart Clock, it has still missed out on some of the main features, such as video streaming.
  • This is even more expensive now at $90. After checking both devices, it is advised that you go for the Lenovo Smart Clock, which will help you with all the things that the Smart Clock 2 does. The better factor with the first version is that it is cheaper in terms of price.

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