Samsung’s Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum A Must-Have device For Pet Owners

A robot vacuum is known to have hands-off capabilities. Yet, most of them require to be cleaned beforehand to avoid eating stuff like socks or phone chargers. This is one of those downsides of trusting inanimate objects not getting tripped up when one is not at home. This was before Samsung Jet Bot AI+ came on the scene.

The new Samsung Jetbot AI+ robot vacuum has a 3D sensor. It has artificial intelligence that is known to detect small objects that are problematic, and only humans can recognize that. For example, pet hairs. This robot vacuum is the world’s first of its kind, with a camera equivalent to 256,000 distance sensors. The sensor enables the unit to stop getting stuck by small objects on its path.

The vacuum has an Intel AI solution that powers the Jet AI Object Recognition technology.  The new technology is smart enough to detect and recognize objects on the floor and furniture and appliances with great accuracy, which helps them navigate easily.

The intelligent decision-making capability of the robot vacuum ensures that they clean efficiently and close to any object like children’s toys and keep a proper safe distance from objects that are delicate such as porcelain vases etc. It can also decide which items are dangerous and can classify pet excrements, electric cables, or glass cups and avoid them to prevent secondary contamination.

The Jetbot AI+ has a LiDAR sensor that accurately assesses distance from the location and optimizes its cleaning path by scanning the room.   This technology is excellent for low-lit areas in a room or areas below furniture’s so that all areas are covered with minimum blind spots.

How does the cleaning technology work in Jet Bot AI+?

The AI+ powered inverter motor, which is digital, has a higher suction power for deep cleaning.  Its intelligent control functions can identify the type of surface that needs cleaning and assess the amount of dust that is required to be cleaned.  This allows the vacuum to dust its suction power automatically and optimizes the cleaning session.

It also has a host of other hygiene-related features. It ensures that the floor is cleaned without the dust getting released back into the home environment. All the parts and filters of the robot device are washable, and hence even after cleaning dirt like pet droppings, it can be washed and kept hygienic.

Hassle-free cleaning

Homeowners monitor and control the Samsung AI robot remotely, using the app on their smartphones.  Users can schedule the vacuum to clean single or multiple rooms with the select and go function. They can also be customized to no-zone areas where the robot cannot enter certain areas.  The robot vacuum users can remotely monitor their home with Jet Bot AI+’s Patrol Mode. This function uses the in-built camera in front of the device and streams the video images live through the SmartThings App. The patrol mode of the robot allows the user to monitor and check the status of rooms from a remote location. This feature allows users to schedule the live video to view it from anywhere outside the home.   The encrypted features allow only authorized users to view the video clips.

People with pets 

The live stream features are beneficial for homeowners with pets. The camera is not only about navigation and identifying obstacles, as a camera on wheels. When the robot is put on a home monitoring mode, it allows you to see exactly what it sees as it goes from room to room or drives around the house as controlled by the user. The high-tech aspect of the vacuum cleaner is useful in a different way for people with pets.  For example, if a pet like a cat or a dog is left alone in the home, they are capable of creating a nuisance. The Jet Bot AI+ camera can help the user patrol the apartment and see what the pet is up to. The camera can follow the pet and reassure the owner to see what is exactly happening in their absence.


The Samsung Jetbot AI+ is one of the most powerful cleaning devices available in 2021. It can scoop and suck a pet’s hair while remote-controlled which can be a good reason for pet owners to buy this equipment.

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