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Location sharing is a popular way to track someone you expect to meet. In times of uncertain traffic, location-sharing apps help to estimate travel time. Despite its size, sharing real-time locations is a difficult task for most popular apps.

An excellent way to share your location with anyone is Glympse. It is a lightweight programme that shares your location with pinpoint accuracy. It sends location via SMS, thus it may be used by anyone, even if they don’t have the Glympse tracking software. It is very accurate in terms of real-time location and shares it without error. Its ease of use and reliability make it the greatest location monitoring tool available today.

A decade ago, the Glympse GPS tracking app was designed to make location sharing simple, safe and effective. They have won numerous honours and assisted millions of people by removing the stress of travelling or waiting. In this Glympse app review, we talk about its best features.

Geo-locate with Glympse GPS Tracker

The Glympse GPS phone tracker allows users to quickly share their whereabouts. It is the appropriate answer to “where are you” whether you are travelling or waiting for someone to join you. Whether it’s a family gathering or a business meeting, you can send or ask for an ETA.

Is Glympse safe? Glympse ensures client safety by making location sharing transient in all instances. One of Glympse’s best features is that you can send your location to anyone, even if they don’t have the app. You can also text your location. The recipient can access the link in the SMS and see your location in the dynamic maps. Worried about the delivery guy locating your address or FedEx delivering your package? Glympse lets you text your location to any of these people. Aside from that, Glymse ensures full safety and security. Your shared location is only retained temporarily till the destination is reached.

Glympse is based on simplicity and attempts to remove any obstacles to sharing one’s position with anyone. Its design is quick and compatible with all smart gadgets. It’s a background app that does nothing. It’s small and doesn’t need much computing power. Anyone with a data connection and a GPS-enabled smartphone can see your whereabouts. People in crowded gatherings or full house music events can be found using it. Never let your family worry about you. If you’re late, just use Glympse. It will also calculate and project the recipient’s ETA and alter it if necessary.

Glympse Location Share App

An Easy & Safe Way To Share Your Whereabouts

The Glympse GPS finder simplifies the process of sharing your whereabouts. Some of its better features are:

The Glympse GPS tracking app allows users to share their whereabouts. Track phone position with pinpoint precision, even in crowded places like concerts.

  • Location tracking in real-time

How to use Glympse?

You must add buddies to your phone. The Glympse app allows you to track your friends, family, and coworkers in real-time. Get their location and ETA by SMS.

  • Protects you and your location

Glympse provides momentary location sharing. After the given duration, or if no duration is chosen, Glympse removes the location from the recipient’s device. Easily share your whereabouts with restaurants, delivery services, etc.

  • Ideal for family or social events

Create groups in Glympse and share live locations with them all. Use it for a family supper, a meeting, etc.

  • No sign-ups

The Glympse GPS tracking app is simple to use. Open the shared location without an app. No disruptions to our routine use are caused by the app.

  • Follow locations on a map

Glympse share location app provides a dynamic map for tracking the person’s whereabouts. 

How to use Glympse?

Glympse is simple to use. Start with these easy steps.

  • Step 1: Download Glympse from the App  Store or Google Play.
  • Step 2: From the menu, choose “Share location” or “Request location”.
  • Step 3: Before sharing your location, choose the time you want it shared.
  • Step 4: You can stop it from the dashboard.
  • Step 5: After asking about location, check the map or ETA.
Follow location on map


  • Using Glympse? is simple and quick.
  • Sending locations requires no app.
  • Temporarily sends location
  • Minimalist design
  • Background runs
  • Free


  • Only sends location through SMS
  • Bugs and snags
Glympse app user Experience

My Experience

Glympse GPS phone tracker is a fantastic real-time location sharing app that works seamlessly and safely. Glympse location sharing is transient and expires. It is perfect for giving delivery guys your address without fear of being tracked. Glympse protects our privacy by momentarily sharing our location. You can also choose how long you want to disclose your location with the receiver. With this amazing GPS finder, you can track your loved ones’ phones. With no cost, it’s hard not to try this amazing app. Known for its ease of use, minimalist design, quick response time, and security features, it is one of the top locations Contact MobileAppDaily if you want your app reviewed.

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