A Review On Rad Power Radcity 5 Plus: Best E-Commuter Bike

It isn’t the lightest, fastest, or flashiest electric bike, but the Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus is one of the best values for riders who want a dependable, solid ride. With its design, it’s easy to add accessories, comfortable, and gives you a good view of traffic. While testing for this RadPower RadCity 5 Plus review, I found the bike’s motor to be sufficiently powerful and its battery to have enough range for most commutes.

If you add lights, mudguards, a rear rack, and lots of mounting points to that, you have the most convenient electric bike for most people.

electric bike design

The company is currently the leading e-bike seller in the USA with the maximum number of sales of RadCity bikes. Recently, RadCity’s bike series received a major upgrade with new features, affordability, and a solid balance between power and control. RadCity 5 Plus was reviewed by its engineers, technicians, and bike enthusiasts because it is reasonably priced ($1799) in the entire e-bike market.

There are more or less the same changes as in the RadRover 6 Plus that was redesigned in July. The new bike design is sleek, stylish, and semi-integrated.


  • Quite comfortable to ride
  • The motor is powerful
  • Easily attaches accessories


  • It is hard to read the secondary display in direct sunlight
  • Management of cables could be improved

Price And Availability

It costs $1,799 and comes in either charcoal or white color. It went on sale in September 2021. There are two configurations of the RadCity 5 Plus, one step-over, and one step-through. They were both comfortable to ride. Riders from 4’8″ to 6′ will benefit most from the step-through model, while those who are 5’4″ to 6’5″ will benefit from the step-over model.


RadCity 5 Plus has a pleasant, familiar feel to it. In both versions, the removable rectangular battery pack sticks partly out of the downtube; while it would be sleeker if it were flush, it isn’t a major issue. The wire mesh from the handlebars to the main body of the bike is my biggest complaint. While they are neatly organized, there are so many of them that it appears a jumble. You can attach a basket above the front fork and the bike has a rear rack to which you can attach a child seat, panniers, etc.

electric bike speedometer

There is a small LED display in the middle of the handlebars that indicates your speed and how much power is being provided by the bike’s rear hub motor. There is a small display on the left handlebar that shows the level of assistance you are using, as well as whether the bike’s lights are on. The assist level can be adjusted as well as the lights can be turned on and off via two buttons on the right of the display. This screen is not as crucial as the main display, but it would have been nice if it was brighter since it was hard to see in direct sunlight. A key is required to lock the partially flush RadCity 5 Plus battery in place, and it can be popped out easily. The battery meter on top shows how much power is left. It comes standard with headlights and taillights, as well as mudguards. Lastly, we were impressed by the responsive hydraulic brakes.

Features And Performance

You should also be aware of the following key points:

  • You can choose between a high-step and a step-through bike for accessibility
  • the speed limit on an e-bike is 20mph
  • The battery has a rating of 672 Wh or 48V x 14Ah
  • The bicycle has a suspension fork measuring 60mm
  • As opposed to previous versions, this version has hydraulic disk brakes
  • It is a water-resistant bike
  • High-performance, puncture-resistant tires provide 11% more range
  • The bike allows you to adjust the pedal assist for five levels based on pedal cadence

After my rides, my hands felt just as good as they did before, as the imitation leather hand grips had the right amount of padding and gripping. In addition to its throttle, the pedal-assist on the RadCity kicked in quickly and smoothly.

electric bike feature

Battery Life And Range

It’s based on the 48V, 14 Ah battery in Rad Power’s RadCity 5, which Rad Power says gives the bike 11% more range than the RadCity 3, which costs $1,599 and has an advertised range of 45 miles.

Several factors affect range. About 50% to 60% of the battery was still left after 20 miles of mostly hilly riding using the highest assist level.

Radcity 5 Plus: Custom Tires

RadCity 5 Plus tires provide riders with an 11% boost, allowing them to travel up to 50 miles on a single charge. For commuting, the tires are 27.5″ wide and 2″ deep, and the entire tire is puncture resistant. In RadCity 5 Plus, reflective sidewalls have been installed to improve visibility in a city environment.

Radcity 5 Plus Custom Tires


RadCity 5 Plus bikes are the best e-bikes on the market for commuters, especially for their price. This bike offers excellent value for money. In comparison to other highly-priced commuter e-bikes, this is a Class 1 e-bike complete with features and high-level comfort. The best advice is to just go for it, without second thoughts.

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A Review On Rad Power Radcity 5 Plus: Best E-Commuter BikeIt isn't the lightest, fastest, or flashiest electric bike, but the Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus is one of the best values for riders who want a dependable, solid ride. With its design, it's easy to add accessories, comfortable, and gives you a good...