Top 5 Christmas Movies To Eradicate Sadness

The idea of Christmas movies in your head must be one that brings in a feeling of nostalgia to you. But you might not want to feel that sometimes. Instead, a good laugh is all you want from a movie. Here is a list of top 5 movies that would surely cheer you up when if you feel low. Just a small reminder, while some of these might be family-friendly, a few might be a little ‘Naughty’. So grab your popcorn and your drink and let’s see them.

  • Holidate (2020)


If you don’t know what a ‘Romcom’ is just watch this movie. It is a perfect example of romantic comedy. Featured on Netflix it will sure veer your comedies side into your romantic side. The movie portraits two individuals who agree to be each other’s date just for every holiday occasion to avoid their family pressure of getting a partner. But of course, that does not just limit to the holidays and their feelings eventually grow stronger for one another.

  • Once upon a Deadpool

once upon a deadpool

Just another of our all-time favorites the marvel series. It’s always very exciting to watch movies under marvel, but just to give you a little description it’s just a recut of Deadpool 2 that’s a PG-13 instead of R which is released around Christmastime for the young viewers to watch.

  • Home Alone (1990)

home alone

Is this a comedy movie? Yes. Is this an action movie? Well yes again. These are the type of films which will never bore you no matter how many times you watch them. Just see how the kid manages everything alone with his ideas and executes them fearlessly which even a few adults like us would think twice before executing plans like them.

  • Love Hard

love hard

Streaming on Netflix this new movie explores the world of online dating. A writer from LA travels across the country to meet and surprise her new boyfriend she met online for Christmas. Instead what she found out was that she was been catfished. This movie proved a reason why you should be very cautious while dating online.

  • Daddy’s Home 2

daddy's home 2

How interesting has your Christmas been? Just imagine if your father and Stepfather come in together to surprise you this Christmas to make it perfect. Yes, that’s how the children felt when they experienced it in real. Christmastime can be really ‘interesting’ when you have a blended family. As soon as both the dad and their family got together the Christmas holiday started to turn upside down.

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