Xiaomi Mix 4 Review: Introducing The Ultimate Super Smartphone

The Xiaomi smartphone is an inexpensive device with some excellent features. However, that stereotype has now been broken with the release of the Xiaomi Mix 4 on August 16, 2021. The Xiaomi Mix has been on the market for 5 years. There are some unique features and a hefty budget in this smartphone, which is making a big comeback. The Mix 4 5G smartphone broke into the high-budget segment when it was launched.

Chinese phone companies, particularly Xiaomi, have been trying to create a smartphone with an entire screen since the original Mi Mix tried to offer the concept in 2016. They found ingenious ways to remove or reposition traditional smartphone components, such as the fingerprint sensor, buttons, and earpiece. It was difficult to remove or replace the selfie camera, however. Several brands opted for pop-up or flip-over mechanisms to house the selfie camera. Xiaomi placed its camera at the bottom corner of the original Mi Mix.

Xiaomi Mix 4

The features available so far will allow users to see many unique things. The Xiaomi phone features its first under-display selfie camera. Furthermore, you’ll get the latest specs in every section to entice you to have a different experience. You can find our full Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 review below.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Highlights

  • The AMOLED display will measure 6.67 inches with a 120Hz refresh rate.
  • Android 11 will make running activities as smooth as possible.
  • The best option currently available in the 5-nanometer Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ chipset.
  • Aside from the 108MP rear camera, its screen selfie camera is 20MP.
  • The 4500mAh battery offers superior performance, as it offers a 120W fast charger as well as a 50W wireless charger.
Xiaomi Mix 4 smartphone

Design And Display

To achieve the all-screen dream, Mix 4 has spent a lot of money and time developing an under-screen camera. OLED screen with a continuous display size of 6.67 inches and 120Hz. In terms of today’s technology, it’s virtually the same as just holding a screen in your hand as if you were in the future.

Xiaomi Mix 4 review

All other components of the phone are equally impressive. A single piece of ceramic covers the entire back of the Mix 4 for a traditional unibody aesthetic rarely seen in smartphones. There is a visible seam where the backplate meets the chassis on other phones, but there is none on the Mix 4. Even compared to other top flagships, the ceramic body feels extra premium due to its anti-fingerprint texture. In terms of power, the Mix 4 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888+, a processor that’s the fastest on the Android market right now. The battery is 4,600 mAh and there is 12GB of RAM. Those are all excellent components.


MIUI software is layered on top of Android 11 on the Xiaomi Mix 4. Xiaomi’s Mix 4 is only available in China, for now, so the software does not include Google apps; however, they can be installed using Xiaomi’s app store. Once installed, the phone operates like any other Android device released internationally.

The software from Xiaomi is colorful, lively, and full of animations. It offers all the features intended by Google for Android, plus more customization options. My only complaint is that the one-handed mode still only works with on-screen buttons, not swipe gestures. This means the phone wouldn’t be able to do anything with one hand because it’s standard for smartphones.


Its main camera system comprises a trio of lenses covering wide, ultra-wide, and zoom focal lengths. They’re very good, but not the best on the market.

This handset is exceptionally well-designed and elegant.


With the best camera specifications in the industry, Xiaomi has maintained its reputation. With its 108 MP main camera, it provides much better image quality with higher clarity. Even if you zoom in to the photos, the details will still be visible. The Xiaomi Mix 4 smartphone is also capable of capturing stunning night-time videos that are sure to burn the social media game. Image quality is unaffected in low-light conditions.

smartphone review

A 13MP ultrawide camera is paired with an 8MP telephoto lens to provide optical zoom and advanced image processing. The ultra-wide lens allows images to be captured at a 123-degree angle without compromising on quality. Alternatively, the 8-megapixel telephoto lens is as powerful as high-end cameras. Because of its 120mm diameter, the camera can capture some of the best wildlife photographs with 5x zoom capabilities. If your camera has optical image stabilization, you can easily capture stabilized images.

A 20 MP camera is located under the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Putting a camera under the display is the first time it has been done. You make your presence superior in a group if you join them just to capture a group selfie. Thanks to advanced algorithms, you will be able to take a superior selfie than any other smartphone.

The feature may be unique, but it won’t provide what you want. Consequently, this selfie camera may disappoint you at times, especially during daylight. With the selfie camera, you can record 1080p videos instead of 8k videos with swivel-EIS technology. With the main camera, you can take more cinematic videos.

Battery And Others

Considering the current market conditions, this section is probably the best. It is one thing to have a 4500mAh battery, which is not very suitable for gamers, and it is another thing to be inundated with the world’s best innovations.  It takes only 15 minutes for the 120W fast charger to charge 100%.

With the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, users can also benefit from wireless fast charging at 50W, Quick charging 4, and power delivery 3.0. If you buy these features, your phone won’t need maintenance for a decade at least. Currently, it costs $1099 (approximately 81,000 rupees).

The Verdict

You might need to limit your desire to purchase the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 if you see that the price is high. It is still the best phone in the market for those looking for this kind of phone. This phone is not available in many markets, but it’s still the best. We have always been surprised by Xiaomi’s low-cost phones and stringent specifications. Using this smartphone will be another awesome experience.

Alternatives may be on your mind. You won’t be able to purchase a phone like the Mi Mix 4 with all of the best features on this budget.

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Xiaomi Mix 4 Review: Introducing The Ultimate Super SmartphoneThe Xiaomi smartphone is an inexpensive device with some excellent features. However, that stereotype has now been broken with the release of the Xiaomi Mix 4 on August 16, 2021. The Xiaomi Mix has been on the market for 5 years. There are some...